Producing the 49 Androgynous Demons, Angels and Cherubim

Then Death, being androgynous, mingled with his own nature and begot seven androgynous offspring. These are the names of the male ones: Jealousy, Wrath, Tears, Sighing, Suffering, Lamentation, Bitter Weeping. And these are the names of the female ones: Wrath, Pain, Lust, Sighing, Curse, Bitterness, Quarrelsomeness. They had intercourse with one another, and each one begot seven, so that they amount to forty nine androgynous demons. Their names and their effects you will find in the "Book of Solomon". And in the presence of these, Zoe, who was with Sabaoth, created seven good androgynous forces. These are the names of the male ones: the Unenvious, the Blessed, the Joyful, the True, the Unbegrudging, the Beloved, the Trustworthy. Also, as regards the female ones, these are their names: Peace, Gladness, Rejoicing, Blessedness, Truth, Love, Faith. And from these there are many good and innocent spirits. Their influences and their effects you will find in the "Configurations of the Fate of Heaven That is beneath the Twelve" - From The Origin of the World, Nag Hammadi Lib.

Producing the 84 Androgynous Avatars

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