Luke A Murphy
If there is one theme to my work, it is that it is a project to find a unifying system that will explain everything from unhappiness to joy, from technology to what is the meaning randomness. These are all pictures or diagrams of ineffable and invisible kinds of forces and maybe the other real or imagined systems they interact with. I have tried quantifying elements of the psyche and spirit through a particular interest in the Gnostic gospels, religious paintings, and digital languages – codes and systems to make art. My work of the past few years has been an investigation into the fundamentals of randomness and how it powers digital art, the underlying mechanisms of hope and politics and more broadly our digital age. Seeking the most perfect source of randomness has lead me to use radioactive decay as the engine to generate random numbers which are then harvested to power art. The sublime unpredictability and profound unknowability of the spontaneous decay of Uranium is translated by his various algorithms into a new sublime, one of information, digital visualization and painting strategies. My work tries to interleave post-atomic anxieties, information culture and the Gnostics’ belief that the world was irrational.   Contact :

Writing and Notes:

» Node Thinking The world as diagram
» Randomness and Art, The New Unconscious Paper given at ZKM as part of conferenceWhat was old is new again
» The 49 Androgynous Demons From the “Nag Hammadi Library”

Solo exhibitions 2009 Certainty Shelter, CANADA, NYC
2006 12th Gate Reflected, Pace Digital Gallery, NYC, NY
2006 Everything Made Pretty, Again, CANADA, NYC, NY
2005 Everything Made Pretty, with John Parker, vertexList, Brooklyn, NY|
2005 The Cup of Loneliness, Special project for NADA Art Fair, Miami FL
2005 The Goals of Anxiety, Carolines Comedy Club
2005 The Ladder to Lightness, performance The Kitchen, NYC, produced by Cabinet Magazine for Laughter Symposium with Simon Critchley
2004 Release from Bitterness with Xylor Jane and Robin Peck, CANADA, NYC, NY
2004 The Cup of Loneliness, performance PS122, NYC
2004 Home and Forgiveness,HOME, Queens, NY
2002 lndscps 1102, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002 Shape of the Occult, CANADA, New York
2002 Graph, Buro Fur Photo, Cologne, Germany
2001 Slope of Anxiety, Canada, New York, NY
2000 Wilderness, Bernadette Salvage + 7hours, Brooklyn, NY
2000 lndscp_0400, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY
1992 Luke A. Murphy paintings Ronald Wakkary, Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Hamilton Artist’s Inc., Hamilton, Canada

Group exhibitions
2012 PNCA Gallery, John Cage Happy Birthday: A Celebration of Chance and Listening
2012 Moving Image Fair, London, UK
2010 Tunneling, Famous Accountants, Brooklyn, NYC, curated by Will Pappenheimer
2010 The Second Program, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, curated by Charles Dee Mitchell
2010 Art Boom Festival, Krakow, Poland, curated by Marcin Ramocki
2010 The Program video art program, Dallas, TX
2008 Reflections on Past and Future Anxieties, part of performance night at Artists Space, curated By Melissa Brown
2007 Where are we going? part of Human Rites Watch, Curated by Michael Mahalchick at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery
2007 Art Moving Projects, Devon Dikeou and Luke Murphy
2007 DAW – Zurich, Switzerland, Digital Art Week
2006 CANADA – San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gallerie Commercial
2003 7hoursTURM series, Märkischen Museum, Berlin
2002 Tuckernuck, CANADA, NYC
2002 Video Café: About The Mind (Not Everything You Always Wanted To Know),Queens Museum of Art, Queens, New York
2002 Image Flow, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 Allianz / 7hours Exhibit, Berlin, DE
2000 Fresh Paint, Tuck/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1999 7hours #3, Christiane Gruess; NY
1999 Photo synthesis, Rare Gallery, New York, NY
1999 7hours #2, Christiane Gruess, Berlin, Germany
1999 7hours #1, Christiane Gruess, New York, NY, USA
1998 Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 Summer of Love, Fatoui Cramer Gallery, New York, NY
1996 Summers show, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, NY
1996 Kunstart 96, Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1996 Middle Show, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1996 Lists, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1995 New Pictures, Anna Leonowens Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1994 Again, (G) N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, American group exhibition
1993 Four new painters, Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada Education

1991 Master of Fine Arts, State University of New York at Purchase
1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art And Design Studio And Art History
1985 Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto Physiology And English