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All passwords must now:Click here to learn more about document approval.Documents at brokerages with this setting enabled are now automatically resubmitted for review when a new version is uploaded.Users using the Document Approval functionUsers have greater control over how undoing an import works, and have a clear audit trail in their transaction history of when the import was undone.Describes how to privately or publicly share a document or form with another transaction party for collaboration before a signing.Added a PDFStream Changes Reverted entry to the transaction history of a transaction when users undo a PDF information import from a PDF document that was created out of a form by another zipForm Edition user.
The incorrect users received notifications when the signing was completed.Alleviates user confusion as to which partners they are seeing in the Partners tab.Updated the password requirements when you create or reset your password.

The My Markeplace tab now contains the following partners:Corrected an issue where documents in brokerages that had the Automatically resubmit rejected documents when a new version is uploaded option set to ON were not automatically resubmitted for review.Corrected an issue where the Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0 (Powered by Authentisign) create signing process displayed a 404 error message when moving from Step 2 to Step 3.Set Up Notification Settings as an Administrator (zipForm Edition)At Lone Wolf, we are renaming our flagship products so they are clear about what they do for agents and brokerages. These two functions help brokerages to set up highly automated and customizable compliance review checkpoints and document oversight in zipForm Edition, without requiring extra work from agents and administrators. Lone Wolf is excited to announce the release of Compliance Review Stages and Document Approval functionality for zipForm Edition. vs. Administrator users can navigate to Broker Settings >General > Documents and click Enable PDFstream import to OFF to disable this function for an office or entire brokerage. The popup enables users to go straight to the checkout if they need to purchase products or services, saving them time.Describes how to manually apply a transaction template to an existing transaction.Provides a conceptual overview of the different components of the Transactions (zipForm Edition) dashboard, and describes how to navigate the interface.Enables users to claim their Updater account without having search the menu options for it.Users with a Digital Ink subscription no longer see the option to purchase tokens.Corrected an issue where incorrect users were displaying as the the creator of an e-signing in the signing invitation when the signing was created by a transaction coordinator user on behalf of an agent. When a user receives the converted PDF and adds it to a transaction, a popup opens, prompting the user to import the information from the document into the transaction, or to just import the document and not the information. Today's top ZipForm Plus Coupons & Promo codes discount: Enjoy big savings at … With Two-Step Verification, AKATwo-Factor Authentication, each time you sign in to your zipForm® Plus account, a random and secret code is sent to your mobile device or email address which you will be asked to enter. Enables users to quickly share transaction information between different instances of zipForm Edition.Added a support chat option to Help > Chat in the global navigation menu.Lone Wolf is excited to announce the release of Compliance Review Stages and Document Approval functionality for zipForm Edition. Artificial Intelligence for boosting rental income. Updated the Title Integration setting in Admin > Broker Settings > Partners to Enable Title Integration for all agents.Click here to learn more about compliance review stages.Describes how to add a task to a to-do or document/transaction checklist in a transaction or transaction template.Describes how to manually add, update or delete a form field look up term in a transaction or on a form.Enables users to reverse the changes made by a PDF import if the import was done in error.Provides a conceptual overview of checklists and tasks.Users are directed to contact support, as opposed to Instanet support.The approval status of a folder now updates correctly.Administrators can delete items from a template regardless of whether they are required or not.Set Up a Updater Integration (zipForm Edition)Describes how to export or import contacts from or to your address book.Corrected an issue where ZipForm User fields appeared as selectable/deselectable fields on the Import Data popup when importing transaction information from a PDF that had been created from a zipForm Edition form.Set Up Your ListFlash Settings (zipForm Edition)Describes how to set up your personal preferences and settings as an administrator user that is new to the solution in your user profile.Corrected an issue where the Cancel button failed to respond in the Approval Notification Email popup that opens after clicking Save and Notify during document review.Add a Folder to a Transaction or Template (zipForm Edition)Corrected an issue where users encountered a blank page when attempting to update their profile settings.When users with the Updater integration add a transaction with the required fields, the transaction is shared with your Updater account. Transactions are not approved until all documents contained in them are approved. Read zipForm Plus reviews from real users, and view pricing and features of the Real Estate software.

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Export or Import a Contact (zipForm Edition)Set Up an Electronic Signature for E-Signing (zipForm Edition)Describes how to add a document or form to an existing transaction or transaction template and move it to a different folder.Removed HomeKeeper from the Partners tab and deactivated the integration’s functionality.When using the Hurdlr integration, users are no longer blocked by their web browser’s popup blocker.

zipForm® Plus, The next generation of zipForm® is here and we are excited to share it with you. How to set Title Notifications in Profile Notification Settings” from Admin > Broker Settings > Partners.Provides a conceptual overview of reporting in the solution and an in-depth list of the reports you can generate.Corrected an issue where users that opened a compliance review stage to update it, and then clicked more options could see the Open menu option (which the users were already in).Signed documents and signing certificate/audit trail PDF documents are now always saved in the documents tab of a transaction.