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You may already know 04. Why couldn't I treat you better when I was with you? I’m sure you already know But without you, I’m lonely and struggling. popgasa Mamamoo english, kpop, lirik lagu, lyrics, mamamoo, translations, wind flower Leave a comment. 29 Years From Texas Because our love Was filled with happiness. 01. Request new lyrics translation ; Become a translator; Website Rules; Frequently Asked Questions; Forum; Login; Registration; English. Why are sweet words starting to linger now? But without you, I’m lonely and struggling 06. so that I can feel your own scent. Ledges The breeze is blowing, it’s a nice day nice day, all dayAll Site Material Is Property Of Their Respective Copyrights Owners. Anytime anywhere I'll be with you. Follow Me Translation of 'Wind flower' by MAMAMOO (마마무) from English, Korean to English

Stay there as you are. You you and I I. I know I'm gonna be with you oh. I heunhago heunhan ibyeoldo eobseossgessjyoHaving a late meal alone, Pretending I'm fine(Yeah) Sure, this one deserved it, Yeah this one break upHonjaga doeeo holgabunhan bam (Holgabunhan bam)Neowa isseul ttae wae deo jalhaejuji moshaessneunjiMilyeoniya sigtag wie chalyeojin eumsig honjaWhy couldn't it be more beautiful when we were together?Solanseuleowo nagabomyeon nokeuhaneun aeneunThe weather cloudly, Bringing my mood downBut while you were gone, It was really lonely I only had a hard timeThere's no normal day at all, Why is everything irritating?A good day with the wind blowing (Good day, All day)Why couldn't I treat you better when I was with you?Like flower petals that will bloom again (Like the petals, yeah)Why are sweet words starting to linger now?Comforting myself has all become my responsibilityDasi tto pieonal kkochipcheoleom (Kkochipcheoleom yeah)(Yeah) Geuleol manhaessji geulae han beonppunin ibyeole

Our times are just a little different So this is just a temporary goodbye. But while you were gone, It was really lonely I only had a hard time 05.

MAMAMOO - Star Wind Flower Sun English Lyrics. I can be like that yeah, because of this break upWhen we were together why couldn’t it be more beautiful? That you'll do, too . You you and I I. I know I'm gonna be with you oh

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Du du du do only two of us feel the pain? I’m eating alone on a table filled with food A day that’s nice because the wind is blowing

Mamamoo (마마무) Wind Flower English Lyrics. Like a flower petal that blows in the wind Like the sunset that colors the sky The Story Of Her Love Now I'll shine only for you.

I’m alone and I feel lighter tonight lighter tonightStray Kids - Back Door Lyrics | TheWaoFam LyricsStray Kids - Any (아니) Lyrics | TheWaoFam Lyrics Just another overtold breakup story 03. That you'll do, too. Close your eyes. Woo woo woo woo do we only break up? Just living through the day as if it’s nothingStray Kids - We Go Lyrics | TheWaoFam Lyrics Get better day by day Get better day by day Dance By The Light Of The Moon Übersetzung des Liedes „Wind flower“ (MAMAMOO (마마무)) von Englisch, Koreanisch nach Englisch 07. Wind flower wind flower We looked alike but now we’ve changed Wind flower wind flower. Windflowers, my father told me not to go near them, he feared them always Wind flower Wind flower This crooked story of ours Wind flower Wind flower Are we the only ones saying goodbye?

Star, wind, flower, sun and … Like the flowers that will bloom again like the flowers, yeah Only now these sweet words linger How many times is this? Mamamoo (마마무) Wind Flower Korean And Romanized Lyrics. Why are our songs filled with painful lyrics? MAMAMOO - Star Wind Flower Sun English Lyrics. King Of Nothing Like the petals that … Desert People