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Also, it sounds like she’s thickening her voice to sound deeper and heavier than normal.So those are some of the ladies who have put their vocal abilities to the test with this song – some doing very well, others not so much. And let’s not forget this comes after an hour of singing already (for those who performed in the actual musical), with enough voice left to keep going for another hour. Jennifer Hudson's 9 Greatest Songs. Of course, to some his upper range may be very impressive, though to others it might be a bit off-putting as it is not common to hear a male attempting to belt that high, often sounding a bit pushed and unnatural.10 ways Christina Aguilera could have a successful comebackLater, both Jennifers performed this as a duet and did really well – of course Holliday still brought her strange facial expressions, grunts and overused “ha” to the table while Hudson didn’t sound great in the upper range but it definitely started off nice and smoothly and they vibed off each other well for a duet that surprisngly, didn’t result in them trying to out-scream one another.For a 15 year old girl, this rendition is certainly impressive. However, her voice is very marmite – it’s full of grit and she loves to grunt and growl, which makes her timbre sound ugly and even demonic at times when she constantly switches. Those who play Effie White, needless to say, have to have a BIG voice.

Vocally though, she was quite decent.Amber has a much lighter voice than most other women who have done this song, but she has a good enough technique to hold her own. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!Since its debut production in 1981, Dreamgirls has gone on to become one of the most iconic musicals of all time since due to its progressive story about racial division and the music industry of the time, dynamic characters based on real life Motown and soul singers of the eras and of course, its incredible soundtrack. Family Life "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" is a 1991 song, written by Albert Hammond and John Bettis, and released as a single by American soul singer Diana Ross. Sam Bailey sings And I'm Telling You with Nicole Scherzinger - Live Week 10 - The X Factor 2013 Unfortunately this rendition was quite jarred. She didn’t do too badly though, but all emotion was lost in what was more like a battle to be heard than a proper duet. This site is ridiculous. However, some with smaller voices have also attempted the difficult challenge, though unless they have a decent enough technique to at least support and hold the big notes easily, they may find it pretty suicidal for their vocal cords.A music blog featuring my favourite artists and genres.The fact that this man manages to sing this song better than a lot of ladies says it all really. The dancing by Freddie and the band during this song spawned (via video) a minor"I'm Telling You Now" was first released in the United Kingdom in August 1963 on EMI's Columbia label and went to number two in thehttps://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=I%27m_Telling_You_Now&oldid=963379325Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike LicenseHot 100 number-one hits of 1965 (United States)"Top 100 Hits of 1965/Top 100 Songs of 1965""Sixties City - Pop Music Charts - Every Week Of The Sixties"Freddie and the Dreamers- "I'm Telling You Now" live,Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters"Item Display - RPM - Library and Archives Canada" Only her shrillness on the top notes at times and enunciation are what often holds her back, though this may simply be due to her southern twang.Whitney performed this as part of a medley so unfortunately we never got to hear her full version of the song.

Before Fame. So you either love the energy she puts into it or you are cringing badly at how rough she sounds – either way, it’s a marvel she can still pull it off in the same way as she did way back then.WINNER: Beating off stiff competition from Jennifer Hudson and the legendary Whitney Houston, Marisha Wallace IS the Queen of Effies!Effie 2.0, Lillias performed in the first US tour of the production. She had a recurring roll on the hit show Ally McBeal. Simon correctly says it’s one of the biggest songs in the world, but her confidence is what really makes this performance. Trivia. She cuts parts of it out – coincidentally the higher parts – but does extremely well in showing off her best assets, which are breath control to sustain the big mid-belts, soulful conviction and maintaining her full and rich tonal quality throughout, without sounding thin, shrill, growly or husky in parts, unlike many of the other singers who’ve sung this. However, over the years she’s definitely improved and what she nails the best is the sustained notes, holding them with incredible ease. This performance is included on her 2014 CD/DVD release, Live: Her Greatest Performances. On top of that, Whitney displayed her musical creativity with the arrangement and her tasteful addition of runs, which didn’t detract from the song or melody.Unfortunately this rendition was quite jarred. It would have been great to hear her sing this when she a bit younger and her voice wasn’t as tired, as she does chop her phrases up a bit during the verses. Jennifer Holiday sung it originally on the off Broadway production of Dreamgirls. However, she did add quite a few growls when she has such a naturally light voice which didn’t sound too healthy. "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" was the lead single from Diana Ross's 1991 album The Force Behind the Power released on the Motown label in the US and by EMI in the UK. The grit, range, power, resonance, breath control, stamina and agility as well as emotion to inject into the song and act it out are an extremely rare combination of requirements that a singer must meet in order to pull it off successfully…Jennifer Hudson’s performance is probably considered the gold standard version of this song due to its immense popularity. Nicole has some very surprisingly impressive chops on her though and really went for those high notes – just at the expense of feeling the song.Christina Aguilera’s Liberation: a track-by-track reviewAlthough Melanie was paraded about on the first season of the US X Factor as a Whitney/Mariah wannabe, she really had a great voice to pull of songs only others on the show could dream of.