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We have already purchased many of the materials for the renovation, and begun employing people to do the work. The LNP government could have built a fibre-based network for the same price ($50 billion) as their hybrid mongrel alternative. Sales

NBN Co.’s revenue forecasts collapse if wireless-only households reach 16.4% before 2040 i.e. On the available figures, it’s quite likely that ARPU is already above the required level to achieve the 7%.“Then, fourteen years after the house is finished, the tenants will have completely paid off the mortgage. « NBN Myths -- Topsy.comGrowth in Japanese FTTH subscribers has plummeted since the introduction of LTE. The NBN battery is not an explicit clause, therefore it is the landlord that must cover the expense. On the NBN that could cost as little as $40. You can then choose to sell the house for a very large amount of money, or keep it and continue to receive the rent as income.”3. Depending on the connection type, it is usually NBN or a Telstra tech visiting your home. nbn homepage

Just looking at the NBN’s revenue for 2011 indicates that they are well on track to achieve the required level, since they earned their $356k despite only charging for services from October and having 4,000 active connections as at 31/12 (but an unknown number at 1/10).

Which bank does this?So, since NBN.co have shown that their real returns are in fact a little over 10% of their projections, that 7% return is in fact 0.7%And that is not the only cost to the taxpayer. How naive and misleading.

As for the installation – thing can get pretty dicey.The National Broadband Network is installed into every home free of any charges, however you’ll need to pay for an NBN plan on a monthly basis to receive the benefits of the wired connection. You may need a new Lead-In if you’re connecting a new phone or internet service, and your home; Most ADSL2 providers won’t charge you for switching over from ADSL2 internet to NBN internet.The NBN is installed at your house free of any charges, although you will have to pay for ongoing use of the NBN through an internet provider. NBN.co says it will produce a return of 7%. Therefore, the NBN has increased its charges to telco’s. The NBN Connection Box is a fixture, therefore the landlord should pay. Ok, lets pretend that they actually complete the 3.5 million (which they themselves say they won’t). I do understand about the infrastructure spend.

Consumer advice If it is a “business” why are the populated areas not being connected for many years?Or more likely – you can choose to try to find a buyer for your white elephant for a very large loss or you can continue to borrow to keep it running while wearing the losses for the sole benefit of the gamers, pirates, porn addicts and tech heads, who are your only tenants and your devoted fanboys.There have been many changes since the 2010 corporate plan, which I’m sure will be reflected in the updated version due this year.That is the best explanation of the National Broadband Network funding that I’ve ever read. 4.

Mr Telco also operates Australian Broadband websites Need advise on a good ISP to choose with a seamless approach? As best I can tell, the NBN is experiencing four principal problems/complaints. We’ll also have to pay the suppliers compensation for their outlay upgrading their ‘tile’ factory, and explain to their employees why they will lose their jobs. nbn is required to deliver a one-time charge of $300 (incl. Telstra Plus home page please start publishing the true facts, not your “its all being paid by bonds” guff.Again, since the NBN returns its investment, one can’t simply redirect that money to health or education unless that spending also returned that investment. Telstra Plus

You clearly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.As somebody who purports to be debunking myths, who do you spend so much time propagating them.There are three key assumptions making up the financials:I’m glad PRACTICAL people that understand business are now running the country. Anything. The following table shows a selection of published unlimited However, because of the nature of the NBN as a home internet service, you will still need to pay for your ongoing service. Music homepage Moreover, Telstra is the only organisation capable of purchasing it – which reinstates the monopoly. Perhaps you’d care to explain what you know, that every telco in the World doesn’t?Ignoring all the rest of the errors (which have already been covered in the post, and other comments)… you say that the NBN “undermines our global business reputation, reducing foreign investment into the country.” Really?

Please research the real facts, there is a lot of it about.1. Those who choose the top end plans on the NBN are subsidising those who choose lower speeds, not the other way around.How about some facts? Please tell the World how much thus far has been raised from bonds for the NBN. In addition, government borrowing for high risk ventures like the NBN when it already has $400bn in debt puts pressure on our AAA rating,on the currency which puts further pressure on interest rates and inflation. Some areas of the NBN where it’s been available for over 12 months have about a 60% takeup rate.

If the Government diverted the debt slated for the NBN to flood relief, then the return would disappear and it just becomes debt with an interest bill. This information may have changed over time. The latest ABS stats show that the number of ADSL connections climbed by about 300,000 in 2011/12, even though the number of new premises only increased by about 150,000. Our network home page

I see that comprehension is still foreign to you though. FTTH providers have had to drop prices by an eye-watering 34%. - navigates to external site on same page The NBN’s core concept is to give Australia’s internet a country-wide upgrade, so that no matter where you go you’ll have reliable internet. Telecommunication.