who is he (and what is he to you grey's)

Instead, he just spoke his mind, got his feelings out there and let the man go.

Shonda Rhimes (created by), Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 16, “Who is He (And What Is He To You?

I don't think that's the end of Robert Avery, however. Lifting her up and whisking her away after teasing each other about their track record in hotels?

Do you think Japril are reunited for good? I just needed to find a little meaning in it.

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April can sometimes let her feelings get in the way of things, especially when it comes to Jackson. The final scene between Jackson and Catherine pulled at the heart-strings. Mainly, it deals in the intentions of two characters: Jackson Avery and April Kepner. Your father abandoning you is already a hell of a thing to deal with growing up. He talked a lot. He talked about mom's laugh, his stupid tuxedo.

It was such a cute scene. View production, box office, & company info

It does shed light on why he was so hurt and angry when April bailed on him after they lost their son. He always fought through.

So while I loved the scene, I also couldn't forget that, either. It was sweet that he thanked her for that. We lose our words because the stakes are so high and we have so much to lose. A loss like that doesn't go away. In fact, the only gripe I had about her was when she chastised Jackson for bringing up the fact that he's a father and he lost a child before.

Were you grateful for the reprieve from the hospital?

That's why a small part of me was disappointed when I heard that Grey was originally supposed to go to Montana with Jackson, but Catherine did some meddling so that April would go instead.

But in that office, while they were trying to come up with some groundbreaking, innovative technique to save their patient, he finally talked to her. Jackson Avery is not one of those doctors who comes across impersonal. She can come across as a bit of a nag. It also gave him the boost he needed to finally say the things he really needed to say to his father. She supported him right up until he talked to his father and tried to get him to talk afterward, but he shut down.

Jackson has had to carry the name and all the insecurities that come with it. He was perfect. It's just that Derek was, Derek was … She couldn't have gotten through to him effectively as his ex-wife or as someone still in love with him. Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy “Who Is He (and What Is He to You)” deals in intentions.

Which is why this was such a great hour for the characters. Her expectations are …crushing.” I did not know what to expect with Robert so was caught off guard with his natural unassuming charm. It's truly a wonder that the pair of them aren't closer friends. It hurt.

Jackson is a nasty drunk, but after an experience like that, I can understand why he'd be so angry. In fact, one of the things that made his background so interesting was how it related to Meredith's. Read on for more.

That's why I hated when Catherine said that to him during What I loved is that she clearly saw Jackson was struggling, and she was concerned because she genuinely cares about him, but she chose to take a professional approach first. Great episode

Their relationship is at its most solid when they remember that they're best friends. Jackson is one of my favorite characters, and he and April were long overdue for their story and relationship to be revisited.

Some of Grey's best moments are when things slow down and focus on a specific character's and growth and development. The way they had two conversations in one, going back and forth between brainstorming and Jackson finally being open about his feelings was the best. That final scene between the two was great.