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You’ll have to contact the customer service department to explore the hours of special events.Westnet is a Perth-based Australian telecommunications company providing broadband ADSL, broadband ADSL2+, satellite broadband, dialup Internet, telephony and web-hosting services to homes and businesses across Australia.

No extra charge for installation and gave me 3 months pandemic discount.

Finally got through to a technician based in the Phillippines.

What you are not told (until too late, if ever) is that :

In addition to fixed-line NBN plans, the company also sells ADSL, cable, and fibre internet, plus several wireless broadband options.
I can always get assistance on the phone like checking my bills / usage at any point in time and reprint. 2 weeks wait & the nbn has been switched on, with the modem nowhere to be seen?! If you have personal issues that you need to talk about, there's now no option unless you travel however far to speak to a confidante face to face.For the first ten days my home phone did not work. Don't waste calling their support.
For most seniors, the phone is a very important service, and Westnet advertises it that way, though they try to deny it later. I have just notified the company for the 4th time that they keep billing an old account, and I've updated my account details. A longtime Adam Internet user now with Westnet.ProductReview.com.au has affiliate partnerships. They tried telling me this was my fault.

It has performed extremely well, with a few brief dropouts over a month-long period early in the piece.

ZERO regard for customers we are switching and suggest you don’t connect with these people unless there is no one else available on the planetI now need extra counciling with my PTSD after what WESTNET put me through..avoid this company at all costs. I recommend that you stay away from this useless, money grabbing, pig ignorant and totally not customer oriented company !!

Should I stay with iinet for nbn?

They insist that I must have requested this 2 year contract.

Thanks to [name removed] & [name removed]. The line was so bad we couldn't communicate. We've had an NBN connection since March 2019. Westnet need to wake up and take a look at what all of us are saying and do something about it. After being on hold for a further 10 minutes I was finally put onto a supervisor who was only too happy to brush me off and I am to wait 48 hours whilst they check the "voice recording" to listen to what it is I am supposed to have contracted myself to and offer me "feedback" after they have listened to a recording.

After numerous calls to Westnet eventually tracked payment down and sent the hardware.

get to answer a call. I am not happy.

Lady could not find my account even with my name, address and email address. This really comes down to the basics of "large corporation"" is incapable of servicing a customer, efficiently and in a timely manner; is all about shareholder $'s and %s

iiNet's broadband services offers customers a range of technology options, depending on your location. The lowest broadband plan cost $39.95 / month from Clear BroadbandWe have been with Westnet now for over 5 years. NBN™ Phone must be paired with an active Westnet NBN™ service. For $39.99 per month, Westnet will give you 50GB of home internet at 12/1 Mbps speeds, a bundled modem, and a home phone with local and national calls included. Numerous calls have made to tech support over this issue until finally i was put through to supervisor who admitted he can't believe the issues that we have had. Clear Broadband 60GB Saver No Contract Fibre | FibreThere are 19 internet providers. Search. I was supposed to retain my landline number when converting to the NBN, but Westnet/iiNet stuffed up completely. We had the same issues exactly. I also ordered a modem from them.

Even recommended westnet to the tenants in my rental property and they were also very impressed.ess again. Today there is a waiting time of at least one hour. Only when I insisted to speak to a supervisor regarding the charged calls did they agree that the seniors plan includes L&N calls and I pay for mobile and 1300 numbers. The original Westnet that I signed up with many years ago was great, but not now.I signed up for Westnet's NBN 6 months ago after having their ADSL connection for 3 years without issue, though not terribly fast. In the middle of a pandemic when we're all supposed to work from home Westnet has removed my internet connection.I have been with Westnet for 14 years and 8 months and simply asked for a relocation to another premise in October 2018 which took them 9 days to get the service up and running.