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Some call them haters I call them fans.” Argentinian citizen gets federal prison in child porn case

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“Vegas” Dave Oancea and Holly Sonders are living shockingly wholesome lives in Sin City. THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the guy talking to Vegas Dave is wearing a Warwick cap (shout out to Eli Wehbe).

Otherwise known as Vegas Dave, he is a sports handicapper who made his fortune as a betting consultant wagering hundreds […] “David is a high-profile person, and he posts his winnings online … Sometimes people in the government think, ‘This is going to be good for my career if I can bring a case against a high-profile person.’”Prosecutors announced that five people have been charged with defacing federal buildings in Las Vegas during a Black Lives Matter protest this spring.He has an upcoming trip scheduled to Mexico, where his lawyers said he travels frequently for business purposes. Prominent on instagram and twitter he makes great claims and flashes money like there is no tomorrow. Courthouse on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Las Vegas. David Oancea, right, a professional sports gambler who goes by the nickname “Vegas Dave,” and his attorney Paul Padda walk to the Lloyd George U.S. In a recent post to his Twitter account, he wrote: “When you are at the top of your industry 90 percent of the people want to bring you down. By signing up you agree to our Federal prosecutors, in bringing charges against Oancea, also sought a court order to force him to forfeit roughly $500,000 of his winnings.The 19-count federal indictment accuses him of using other people’s Social Security numbers to make nine transactions, totaling roughly $3.5 million, at Attorneys Paul Padda, left, and Tom Pitaro are interviewed about their client David Oancea, who goes by the nickname “Vegas Dave,” outside the Lloyd George U.S. Nevada Judge Accepts ‘Vegas Dave’ Plea Deal, Sports Bettor Avoids Prison. Erik Verduzco Las Vegas Review-Journal @Erik_VerduzcoSuspect in fatal wrong-way crash had blood alcohol level 3 times limitDavid Oancea, right, a professional sports gambler who goes by the nickname “Vegas Dave,” and his attorney Paul Padda walk to the Lloyd George U.S. The attorney said Oancea did not know the warrant had been issued.Oancea also is represented by defense lawyer David Chesnoff, who left court immediately upon learning of the misdemeanor arrest. However, looking at his pictures on social media and another source, we can say that he is an averaged height person. What happened is he beat the casinos.” Like us on Facebook.Koppe rejected a request from Assistant U.S. Attorney Kilby Macfadden to prohibit Oancea from international travel.The high-powered defense team Oancea assembled for himself blasted authorities for taking him into custody on the misdemeanor charge.Two men were sentenced Wednesday to 20 years each in federal prison after they were found guilty of manufacturing synthetic cannabinoid products at a Las Vegas warehouse and selling them across the U.S., the IRS said.Defense attorneys echoed that sentiment outside court Wednesday.Las Vegas attorneys Travis Barrick and Nathan Lawrence said the rate state prisoners are paid for dangerous work is akin to using them for slave labor.‘Monday Night Football’ has big plans for Allegiant debutLas Vegas lawsuit takes aim at inmate ‘slave labor’An Argentinian citizen living in Las Vegas was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting a child, producing images of the abuse and having hundreds of images and videos of child rape.-9 counts of misuse of a Social Security number“Apparently one of the IRS agents decided that they would call Metro to have him taken on the misdemeanor, even though the federal judge said we had 30 days to clear it up,” defense attorney Tom Pitaro said.

THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT ENDORSE OR ENCOURAGE ILLEGAL GAMBLING. The 44-year-old “sports information consultant” has moved back in with his parents, … Born on August 29, 1969 in Las Vegas, Nevada,