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In fact, the word Seder is Hebrew for “order.”“Passover is traditionally an egg-laden holiday, so the real challenge is to keep the traditional flavor without the eggs to hold everything together,” said Nava Atlas, author of “Vegan Holiday used on its own. Sweet potatoes and apples are sweetened with raisins in …

Check out the simple fresh recipe on Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy an extra creamy and rich chocolate tart for Passover dessert.

This Vegan Passover Kugel is a delicious recipe that any of your guests are going to enjoy. Fortunately, this signature holiday dish, a mélange of sweet vegetables and dried fruits, is not much of a fuss to make.“Quinoa is an important element to my Passover this year,” said Ms. Lippel. “The Big Bang Theory.”Without soybeans and other soy products, lentils or rice, quinoa becomes a main ingredient in many vegan Passover meals. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the top begins to turn golden. If you're not a fan of store bought matzo, or you can't find any that don't have eggs, you can make your own matzo at home. the last of the 10 plagues, death of the first born, from their homes. Soy, a common vegan substitute for eggs, is a forbidden This vegetarian and vegan kugel recipe is cholesterol-free and lower in fat than a traditional kugel with eggs. For her children, she puts an egg-shaped musical shaker on be serving a kugel of leeks, spinach and zucchini.In place of the lamb’s bone, Ms. Bialik uses a roasted beet. “I just don’t Potatoes change texture when frozen after being cooked, losing flavor and becoming watery.A Guide to Chile Peppers — Common Varieties, Uses, and Heat levelsSpelt Crust Pizza with Fresh Tomato SauceLike our Facebook page for recipes and tips every day; the "f" at left!« Celebrate Meatless Monday with Sizzling Tofu or Tempeh FajitasWhat isn’t about the original recipe for potato kugel is that it’s held together by eggs.

Check out the recipe on The traditional creamy, cheesy, potato kugel is out of the cards for the vegan diner on Passover, but that doesn't mean you can't get a velvety potato dish in there somehow.

In the Jewish tradition, kugels are basically baked casseroles made with noodles or potatoes. The former is usually sweet, and the latter, savory. It's basically a paste that's made out of spiced and chopped fruit and nuts, it's sweet, but served during dinner. You can make your bubbe and your nonna proud with this vegan, kosher, and unleavened take on the Italian classic featuring textured vegetable protein bolognese, tofu ricotta, and of course, matzah. “More and more, people want to keep to the rules during So improve your quality control and make these no bake chocolate vegan macaroons at home with this recipe by This dish is not only Passover friendly, but it's a fun and hearty alternative to the basic horseradish seder dish.

Check out this basic Keeping authentically kosher on Passover is a feat in and of itself, but keeping kosher and being vegan at the same time can be a serious struggle. Sadly, the answer to this, at least in my opinion, is no.

During the eight days of Passover, observers should avoid eating five types of grains which rise: wheat, rye, spelt, barley and oat. Transfer the mixture to an oiled, shallow round or rectangular 2-quart casserole dish. As for the hard-boiled egg, which represents mourning over the loss of the Jew’s holy temple, Ms. Bialik uses her mom’s old wooden darning egg. “My matzo balls were out of this world,” laments Ms. Lippel. As a substitute, this dairy-free version of the traditional dish is a total win. All rights reserved.This simple spring fresh appetizer is incredibly basic but very flavorful. But there is one Passover favorite that isn’t easily recreated as a vegan food: matzo balls, which are made with matzo meal held together with plenty of egg. The combination of cauliflower, beets and horseradish is sweet and filling and allows you to brighten other dishes by using it as a topping, too. This vegan potato kugel is easy to make, though it requires at least an hour in the oven — so plan ahead!Vegan potato kugel, a Jewish classic for holidays and Sabbath, is easy to make.

food, so vegetarian broth with matzo farfel — tiny pieces of matzo — will just have to do for Ms. Lippel.In Yiddish, “tzimmes” means a big fuss or commotion.

For her, the beet is a good stand-in, its “bloody” appearance symbolizing the blood the Israelites used to mark their doors to ward off Kitchen.” “You can’t even use tofu.”During Passover, forbidden foods include all leavened foods as well as grains, beans and corn – which are staples for many vegan eaters. This vegan kugel uses chia seeds (or ground flaxseeds) in place of the eggs found in traditional kugel.

“Vegans have a particular ideal, so the question becomes how do you fit your traditions into this exclusive diet,” said Rabbi David Greenstein from Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Montclair, N.J.And while many Jews don’t hold to every law and commandment for the rest of the year, Passover holds an important place for many to hold to tradition.

Lightly mash thawed butternut squash cubes onto the matzo. Macaroons always find their way onto the dessert table after a Passover seder, but usually they're store bought and come with mystery ingredients. This mushroom and walnut paste will not only hit the spot, but look the part. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and more garlic powder, if desired.