tornadoes 1968

Kip and his wife Judy were attending a funeral director's conference in Des Moines. I don't remember anything very remarkable about the day until swimming lessons were over at the YMCA. Carl also found that a body had been carefully placed on the front lawn with one of the funeral cots from the funeral coach. The tornado did touch down again in Manila where it destroyed in the downtown area (three blocks of buildings). "I thought that everything was going to be fine, but when I turned the corner I looked at the block across the street and it was just annhilated.A man reported watching a funnel cloud that appeared to be momentarily stationary while the funnel "reached" for the ground.
It was just like a big black tidal wave. While I waited in my white 1966 Plymouth Valiant near the door my husband usually exited, it began raining. As Gene straightened up and looked up all he saw was clear sky.

"I thought ‘I might be dying today.'
It destroyed 68 homes. However the severe thunderstorm did produce some minor wind in Craighead County. We crept up the stairs to find our home still standing.

As we climbed out of the basement we realize that the kids are barefoot and have no jackets so we can't sit them down. There was an unofficial 7 inch rainfall report near Miesville.A tornado touched down briefly along U.S. 67 three miles south southwest of Neelyville destroying two buildings, injuring one person, and flipping a parked truck on top of a station wagon.We will never forget that day nor will we ever forget those who helped us get back on our feet.

Please select one of the following:The radio was talking about seeing funnel clouds. An unidentified woman insisted she saw three funnels converging on the town.Buildings in 500 block of north Wisconsin looking west toward Main.I first want to thank the staff at the Charles City Press and National Weather Service for setting up this blog. It shows the tornado when it was 2 miles southwest of Charles City.My sister was going to grade school at McKinley School, I can still remember her crying when she saw the devastation of her school. Still, there might be a chance that she was still alive. 6 people were injured. Windows in the house were broken, and boards and splinters were driven into the trees on the Bailey farm.My memories include the stillness, the hail and the rain. Hage was not damaged but it was without utilities as well. Tornadic action late of the 15th were followed by damaging winds in the immediate vicinity early of the 16th (2:30 AM).It didn't stop raining, instead, it started to rain very hard and then hail stones the size of baseballs started to fall.

When my mother came back to the car, we headed straight home to Johnson Street, one block north of Jefferson school.Franklin, Butler, Floyd, Chickasaw, HowardAt 6:15 PM CDT, A concrete block garage and barns were destroyed. As Gene backed the car into the Koenigs garage he saw the dirt rising and 18th Avenue being ravaged by the funnel. Naturally, you would think Charles City hospital, so there she went. The local schools had a track meet that day and my school McKinley won the track meet that day! This was directly across the street south from Cedar Terrace.The tornado continued to the northeast hitting Elma at 5:25 PM CDT, where it caused another $1.5 million in damage. Charles Hotel northwest corner of Wisconsin and Blunt A storm paralleling the track of tornado producing storm that moved through Elm, but displaced 4 miles to the southeast, produced a small tornado which touched down briefly to damage buildings on a farm 1 mile west of Lafayetteville in north central Johnson County. Barns and outbuildings were destroyed or damaged on seven farms.

A total of 1,565 families were affected by the tornado. I still get tears in my eyes when I read about or think about that day.

Their mother still has the shirts that the boys were wearing that day.The only death suffered close to the family was their dog, Clancy.