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The double-handled cup – originally discovered in a tomb in Thebes – was acquired by the university in 1986.

On Wednesday the cup was formally repatriated in a handover ceremony at the museu.. Any of two important cities in antiquity, either in Greece or Egypt. Wiki

Forget about the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx: I spent a month in Egypt, and the most spectacular site I visited was the ancient city of Thebes

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Thebes, Illinois Amy Lee 150 テーベ THEBES, Ill. -- Built in the 1840s, Thebes historic courthouse, once visited by Abraham Lincoln, is in the process of being renovated. Congrats! THEBES — In a special meeting Wednesday, federal housing officials told residents living in two public housing developments in Thebes that the complexes they call home are being put up for s.. Italian Hindi $83,000 in renovations begin at historic Thebes courthouse


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Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. an ancient Greek city in Boeotia destroyed by Alexander the Great in 336 BC Theban; thebaic; Translations . Your Cele Thebes public housing residents are told they have to move President of Thebes Historical Society, Debbie Goins, s.. Dudley Schimmel Aarushi Patel

IPA : /θibz/ Proper noun .

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