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I believe i solved the roanoke island riddle.

NPS says they need an archeologist and Josh is one. This is one of the best solves that I've seen so far.There is buried treasure in your city and if your smart enough you can figure out where. The coastline resembles a bird. “Which may be last touched or first seen standing” could be a final curtain call or a standing ovation. Fort Raleigh/Elizabethan Gardens are at 35.5 degrees North, while the Wright Brothers Memorial is at 36 degrees North and therefore matches! MW ( Website and Forum News & Updates. do you know if there are ornate spikes on the top of any of the walls to the right and around the corner from the front entrance of EG with the flags, is there a gate on that side, with low walls and short columns continuing down that side?

NewsUnsolved Armchair Treasure Hunts (Discontinued without Solutions and Prizes Voided, or Status Unknown) Imagine that Byron Preiss was in the area in 1981? Read Before Posting: Board Rules.

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A great deal of ground work toward the solution has already been done, and can be found here: pbworks the secret image 11 Since this information is already widely known, and publicly available, I have filtered the information down a bit and added a large amount of my own interpretation to make a coherent case. Image 3 Clues: Roanoke Island . contact me anytime.So where to dig? Standing at the end of the road and looking back and to the left over the bit of water, the same perspective as in the picture, there is an old cemetery. I think everything up to the line “Look north at the wing” is correct.You guys are really looking in the wrong place for the Roanoke casque.Also I think the picture theme is a reference to the “Wizard of Oz”, Tin Man, Scarecrow, The Lion (Face of the mask and golden colour of the armour) Which fits in with BaumJJP actually drew the Stylus Devil so it would be easy for him to mask and incorporate this figure into one of the paintings as well. Other Treasures, Mysterious People, Places, ThingsThe Art of Hidden Messages General DiscussionsCache #6: The Lost Treasure Mines of New Mexico- FOUNDThe Tumble Bear Lode treasure hunt -DISCONTINUEDForrest Fenn Treasure Chest Found: Where was it?The Secret Treasure Hunt General DiscussionsThe Art of Hidden Messages: Wizard of Oz - SOLVEDClick here to remove banner ads from this forum.choice, thanks for the image post.
In July and August refers to month numbers – 7 and 8. Only heard about and got into The Secret a few weeks after coming back home, (8 hours away) of course. Come join the hunt at /r/12keys!

Mica and Driftwood would reference the theatre itself (assuming it’s facade hasn’t changed since 1981). General notes on Image 3. The Hi Res pics and content are great.

thanks and happy to support.just to help out the picture says gardens right on it, the queen in the garden is on the right arm,3- If you check the base of the actual monument, it is shaped very much like the helmet I think you are all looking too far north. This article refers to Image 1 – Verse 7 in The Secret by Byron Preiss. Freedman's Colony was on Roanoke Island. My guess would be to dig round the northern parts of the theatre facing the water focusing where the 2 wings of the stage are. UPDATE: THREE casques have been found since 1981: in Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, and Boston, MA. Recent Posts. The negative space near the broken needle on page 91 in particular is reminiscent of the top of the memorial. First, thanks for this website and your work. -75.703699 I think you find the spot to dig. Synopsis. Treasure Fun for the Family. Welcome Guest. NC was the largest producer of Mica for many years and still produces the most in the U.S.I live here! He's channeling DaVinci..."spoon"s. a couple of them. the very next line is "after circle and square" which to me means the area north east of the theater parking lot. on February 12, 2019 at 11:48 pm Hi – I think this is under the soccer goal in Meekins park behind the water tower and the fire department.the sphere is the ORB I have been pointing out for months in several illustrations. Look at the shoulder plate on the left side in the image): it has 8 dimples; the neck piece 5 dimples; the right shoulder piece 2 dimples, That’s 852 which is the distance the 4th flight traveled and is clearly marked on the 4th flight marker You need to be digging at the 4th flight marker. Specific Observations. The casque associated with Image 3 and Verse 11 is (or was) buried on the edge of the Waterside Theatre within the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site at the northern end of Roanoke Island, NC. Roanoke / Elizabethan Gardens - Image 3 Verse 11 Back in September I actually vacationed in Kill Devil Hills for a week, right down the street from the Wright Brothers Memorial. I became a patron for that reason. Treasures of The Museum . … Then Byron’s friends John Palencar, John Pierard, and Overton Loyd made a bunch of images with the sole purpose of confusing the shit out of us. Hire (or get) a GPR (ground penetrating radar). Image 1; Image 2; Image 3; Image 4; Image 5; Categories. Not the statue because there are too many "beckoning paths" within the park. The shape of Roanoke Island is clearly marked in stone just to the right of the window. But after failed attempts of contacting the person i need to talk to for permission to dig I'm just going to post this online. He was killed trying to fly a glider. The Secret: Roanoke Island.