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It faulted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and "Team Telecom" - an informal group comprised of officials from the Justice, Homeland Security, and Defense Departments - in their oversight of China Telecom (Americas) Corp, China Unicom (Americas), and Pacific Networks Corp, … In rural areas, that number falls...Section 230 was thrust into the limelight after President Trump claimed it’s being used to silence voices after some of his tweets were flagged as containing misinformation.Telecoms Tech provides digital marketing news and jobs, industry analysis and digital media insight around numerous marketing disciplines; mobile strategy, email marketing, SEO, analytics, social media and much more.The classified documents have already been released in a heavily redacted format. )The FCC has notified China Telecom that it will share documents the operator issued in confidentiality.However, Congress is yet to approve the much-needed funds to support the predominantly small operators.The alert suggests the hackers are taking advantage of the CVE-2020-5902 vulnerability discovered in...We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyse our traffic. State-owned China Telecom has been authorised to operate in the US since 2001, but has found itself subject to increased scrutiny in recent months. "State-owned China Telecom has been authorised to operate in the US since 2001, but has found itself subject to increased scrutiny in recent months.More than half of the experts surveyed said they do not believe Huawei’s claims that its ban will harm the country's digital prospects and push up bills.

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Trump to block U.S. downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday: Officials Infosys being sued by former head of immigration: ReportsFacebook closing in on record 2 bn users this year!After 16 years of stagnating business and poor investments, Yahoo's end was inevitable5G deployment: seamless connectivity for a future-ready economyIndia, US pledge to deepen cooperation in cyber securityAndrew Davies takes over as Sprint CFO on July 2.The wolf in sheep's clothing: Demanding your dataBSNL rolls out 4G services in India from KerelaJioFiber launches new tariff plans; offers free access to 12 paid OTT content servicesVodafone Idea launches integrated 4G network GIGAnet to stem loss of customers to rivalsIndia also made the second highest requests for user data at 5,561, after the United States which made 19,235 requests for user data in the July-December 2015 period. is where the telecoms industry goes first for the latest news, in-depth analysis, interviews with senior industry figures and insightful market intelligence. #ETDigitalTelco: Airtel says Nokia, Ericsson promised to provide locally made 5G gear Reliance Jio on Monday launched new JioFiber tariff plans and will provide no-condition 30-day free trial of 150 Mbps internet, 4K Set Top Box with subscription to 12 OTT streaming apps for all new users.India has moved up the rankings for countries with the most number of financial Trojan infections as per the latest Symantec Financial Threats 2015 research.India tells U.S. that decision to levy digital tax on Google, Amazon isn't biased #ETDigitalTelco: 'Locally-developed technologies to play role in 5G networks' External service providers will have a strong play in digital: PwC expertWe have various options to advertise with us including Events, Advertorials, Banners, Mailers, Webinars etc. All personal data can be deleted by visiting the Contact Us > Privacy Tools area of the website.The FBI has warned that Iranian hackers are using the BIG-IP exploit to attack US private and government networks.Critics weigh in as Section 230 proposals threaten free speechChinese telecoms equipment removal will cost the US around $1.8bnHuawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is calling for classified documents to be unredacted to prove there was a plot between Canadian authorities and the FBI to “trick” her.You have read and agreed to our Privacy PolicyOn its website, the FCC highlights the scale of the issue:FCC greenlights Amazon’s Kuiper 3,236 satellite broadband constellationThe FCC has been on a mission to improve broadband access for rural Americans with the launch of the $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund last year.Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou wants documents unredacted to prove she was ‘tricked’Verizon has partnered with the NFL to offer live viewing parties and AR replay features during the season which kicks off today. Many teams have even created “bubbles” to prevent COVID-19 ruining their chances at...“We have heard so many stories lately about people who are unable to do their job or complete schoolwork because they don’t have reliable internet at home,” said Dave Limp, Senior Vice...FCC chairman used known bad data from ISP now facing a fineUS telecoms regulator the FCC has estimated the removal of Chinese equipment will result in a fairly substantial bill.The FCC has greenlit Amazon's plans to deploy a constellation of 3,236 broadband satellites into the night sky.FCC tells China Telecom it will share confidential docs with other agenciesA poll of experts suggests the Huawei ban will not put the UK "into the digital slow lane," as the company has warned.FCC chairman Ajit Pai cited data from BarrierFree to boast of improved rural broadband access, despite warnings that it was overinflated.On Friday, the FCC released a report (PDF) which highlighted that operators in the US have already applied for around $1.6 billion in reimbursement funds as part of the Secure and Trusted Communications Network Act of 2019.In contrast, the majority of those surveyed...In the security alert, the FBI did not name any specific group or campaign but ZDNet's sources told the publication "the group is tracked by the larger cyber-security community under codenames such as Fox Kitten or Parasite. Trai directs telcos to be more transparent with tariff disclosures Critics say the move could harm consumers, small businesses and access to the internet.#ETDigitalTelco: Need 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots to meet global average: Trai's SharmaTrai directs telcos to be more transparent with tariff disclosures Copyright © 2020