tartan themed living room

This country bedroom has a striking feature wall in reds and taupes behind a statement leather bridle-look headboard. Tartan cushions work well in an eclectic room, especially if it has other design elements that have been gathered from elsewhere in the world. This living room, in designer Scot Meacham Wood ’s home in San Francisco, is a master class in tartan application.

Of course, for many people tartan is mostly strongly associated with the Scottish Highlands, kilts and bagpipes. Even if not, one of the great things about tartan is that it mixes well with others. : We have THE best beach themed living … A great sleep-time option, wool is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites; it is also entirely sustainable and very durable and works to regulate the body’s temperature. A good approach to take is to use tartans that have some family connection, if your heritage can be traced back. Round the look out with a graphic floor in the same tone and the look says bold sophistication.If there’s one print that’s dominating this winter, it’s checks. Modern tartan and pretty plaids have descended from the Highlands to bring some modern Scottish style to those of us south of the border.Create a living room with some unexpected twists like this one – the sideboard and curvaceous sofa are a nod to mid-century style, yet the tartan carpet simply amplifies the smashing non-conformist effect. For extra winter cosiness, layer them up on the bed. So go ahead and pile it on, but be strict with keeping to a tight palette. Nowadays, tartan is still used extensively in textiles, for clothing and upholstery, but is also a design used with other materials, such as wall coverings, paper and plastics. There are plenty of choices for tartan designs with wallpaper. You can use these as you would with a bold and repetitive wall paper design. Simple chunky knits are the perfect companion textures to this look and pops of solid red (and a glass of Scottish whisky) add sophistication. Highland tartans were associated with either regions or districts until the middle of the nineteenth century, rather than representing a certain clan or kin.Warm and hard wearing, the use of tartan in interior design became the norm for baronial estates in Scotland. Checked bedding and a patchwork quilt complete the cosy Highland look, but be sure to balance the bold with some area of solid colour to give the eye somewhere to rest.Will you be giving tartan a turn in your home? Treat small-scale checks and tartans almost as you might use a solid colour and mix freely with stripes and other patterns. Nevertheless, tartan is found extensively in other areas, too.Tartan dress is to be found in Western France, Northern Spain and Ireland.

In North America you’ll probably hear the term plaid as often as tartan, depending on the heritage of the area. Modern and country pieces bring out the best in each other in this look.How to organise a basement and attic for maximum storage according to an expert 10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Fall Mantle5 Ways In Which You Can Sound-Proof Your HomeYour email address will not be published.Easy Things To Make In Your Spare Time Using Simple ResourcesHow To Create A Romantic Bedroom For Valentine’s Day?Stay Cozy This Winter With Best Honeywell Space HeaterIf you want to include tartan in your living room, but want to coordinate it with a look that you have already established, then the best approach to take it with an item or two of occasional furniture.
The armchair coordinates with the throw pillows on the sofa; contrasting colors in the same pattern are integrated seamlessly to balance the room. Here checked fabric on bolster and scatter cushions and the café curtain add a Parisian bistro feel to this dining area.
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