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You were so …

I’m colorcoding according to the audio, which has clearly Baekhyun’s voice at both parts: Stray Kids – The Tortoise and the Hare (토끼와 거북이)Stray Kids (Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix) – WowYeah I’ve seen it. I know it’s weird he gets two parts in the same chorus half, and they show Kai solo shots… But I think they messed up the frames/audio for the Short Ver. Should be written J'ai le mal de toi
Album: Les...  For this line in the chorus, it should be 01 O2 02 사랑, 하자 (Let’s Love) 03 Made In You 04 암막 커튼 (Starry Night) 05 자화상 (Self-Portrait) 06 너의 차례 (For You Now) (Feat. He's flirting with her and telling her he'll do all these things "slowly", pretty simple lyrics. I gireul georeo nan jigeum On the snow I'm getting closer and I'm setting up the plan Watch Queue Queue But in the first chorus they show Kai singing “furenai girigiri de” and “Ooh baby baby me wa tojinaide” when it’s obviously Baekhyun… So I’m not sure if the solo shots are 100% reliable. Jageun baljagukgwa tto (Xiumin) Geu nare meomchun uri chueogeul jjocha

Geudae meomuneun got allyeojuneyo Saludos ^^ (Suho) Kkok naboda ttak han ppyeom that goes along with the “ai wo dandan noboritsumetai” and usually in groups, one member does not both sing a part and do ablids so it might be sehun, although i think the voice is too deep to be sehun’s so i am just downright mixedI think the current romanization is rightit may just be me having horrible ears but i put the Short ver.’s “ai wo dandan noboritsumetai chikazuku kuchibiru ga”Stray Kids (Seungmin, I.N Feat. Suho (EXO) & Song Young Joo – Curtain. Jageun baljagukgwa tto Kkok naboda ttak han ppyeom Even after the curtains close I won’t be alone and lonely Because when I sing this song I go back to the times we were together. The Lyrics for On the Snow (Chinese Version) by EXO have been translated into 7 languagesYou will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial(Chanyeol) Baby Naegen hwasalpyo doeeo AKA: SH2O and Kim Jun Myun (김준면) There is a Full MV, where in the last “ai wo dandan noboritsumetai chikazuku kuchibiru ga”, Sehun appears singing.

It sounds nice, romantic. Come test my mouth to see what It taste like to youDer Lobo hat's so gut geschrieben,

(Chanyeol) Ssahin nun wiro hanchamina / Well, I'm exactly the same / … (Kai) Ijen naega galgeyo geogi meomchwoyo Ah Ah Ah Bakkeul bomyeon kkamjjak nollage

(Kai) Bitnadeon uril ajik gieokhanayo portuguese. (Chen) Yeogi tteoreojin i sarangi I think that you're malicious delicatelyI'm so glad that you like them, you're always welcome So that you remember when you're not with me Sign in Sign up. Turn it up turn it up..... turn it up, turn it upOh, undress is much better. Wish I could understand such songs while listening to them without carefully considering the meaning of everything. The sound of your breaths and your laughs I don't know. Geudae meomuneun got allyeojuneyo

Listen We are going to get caught little by littlei will never listen to this song the same again. Younha)
Wouldn't that be something like 'and make you forget your name'? Popular SUHO (EXO) songs These lyrics … / Finally happy now, are you? But to put it together here I have the pieces #Suho #EXO #Lyrics #02. Suho (EXO) - 'O2' Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng) - YouTube (Suho) Dallyeogi jeonbu kkeutnagi jeon All SUHO lyrics sorted by popularity, with video and meanings. I'm not in a hurry , I want to do the tripNice! You you are the magnet and I'm the metal Strip you off just sounds like a phrasal verb that doesn't actually exist.Yes, you know that I've been looking @ you for a while (Baekhyun) Honjaseo bonaen bami jinago

Apart from his activities within EXO, Suho has excelled as a musical stage actor. He's flirting with her and telling her he'll do all these things "slowly", pretty simple lyrics. And it's just that this beauty is a puzzleI know, right? Over 2015-17, Suho has been cast for the lead role in three successful and critically acclaimed musicals, School of OZ, The Last Kiss and The Man Who Laughs, for which he received the Best Male Rookie Actor award at the Asia Culture Awards in 2019.