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SWOT Analysis, also known as SWOT Matrix, helps you evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that your company face by focusing on your strengths, minimizing threats, and taking the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.A Value Chain Diagram is a visual representation of a value chain, which is a set of activities that a business perform to deliver a valuable product or service for the market.Also known as Five Forces Framework, Five Forces Analysis identifies five competitive forces that shape a business.

Those who participate in the analysis should clearly understand the benefits and limitations of the tool used, and should define what part of the question is answered by each tool.Strategic analyses must be performed with rigour because they lead to decisions that have deep impacts on the path taken by a project or a company. The editor will automatically present your information in SWOT Matrix form professionally.As the factors vary, a PEST chart has many different forms such as PESTLE (i.e. And use your SWOT Analysis alongside other strategy tools (for example, USP Analysis and Core Competencies Analysis ), so that you get a comprehensive picture of the situation you're dealing with. The analytical methods and tools have a crucial part to play in this because they provide a way to gather and organize data, to analyse the business environment, and to help take decisions.© 2020 App & Web All rights reserved  | Our SWOT Analysis tool allows you to easily and quickly develop a SWOT Analysis model by using a list-based data editor.

Strategic Identifying and Analyzing Modeling Canvas is an innovative tool for strategic analysis specifically developed for technology new ventures. The MOST Analysis is an analytical technique that is used for strategic planning and strategy development. The technique is used to evaluate what an organisation wants to achieve (through a mission statement and objectives), and how it wants to achieve this (through strategy and tactics). Now, you can focus on fact-finding of the SWOT by listing out the information in bullet points. This is useful both in understanding the strength of an organization's current competitive position, and the strength of a position that an organization may want to move into.Four Corners Diagram, known as Four Corners Model, is a strategic analysis tool that helps determine a competitor's course of action by predicting future moves of your competitors based on your own strategic move.Powerful SWOT, Value Chain, Root Cause Analysis, Competitor Analysis, PEST, Five Forces tools for effective strategic analysisThe intuitive, list-based data editor allows a more accurate and efficient analysis process that focuses mainly on analyzing, not drawing. Strategic Analysis: Tools & Techniques – Coursework 1. Every organization needs to have a strategic plan and you need to find a program which will be useful as well as beneficial for the organization. Moreover, stakeholders holding key knowledge on the company or the field of expertise should be given the opportunity to participate in the analysis.In most cases strategic analysis tools aim to help a company or a team to:People should receive advanced notice of the analysis in order to have time to organize their thoughts and data, and the enough time should be given to the analysis itself so that all stakeholders have the chance to participate. is a platform for academics to share research papers. You just need to enter the primary activities and support activities, then the Value Chain Diagram will be formed automatically. PEST Analysis, short for Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis, is a strategic management tool used to assess the four external environmental factors.Each of the PEST factors may represent constraints or opportunities, depending on circumstances. While traditional root cause analysis techniques are lengthy, costly and error-prone, our Root Cause Analysis tool provides you with several professionally designed cause analysis templates that speeds up problem analysis and prevention. Strategy mapping is a major part of the Balanced Scorecard (though it isn’t exclusive to the BSC) and offers an excellent way to communicate the high-level information across your organization in an easily-digestible format. Five Forces Analysis helps to identify where power lies in a business situation.

PEST + Getting to know the underlying causes of incidents and problems can prevent recurring issues and thus saving you significant operation costs.

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