stingray sam is not a hero

September 12, 2011 at 3:24 pm The film plays out like six, consecutive episodes of a sci-fi serialized TV show. . That's basically it. 0 Comment Report abuse. David Hyde Pierce narrates, giving the much needed background information in a fashion that reminded me of the The Quasar Kid and Stingray Sam shake handsKate Hackett Talks New Series ‘Not a Plan’“Stingray Sam is not a hero…” So begins the weird musical sci-fi western adventure story by Cory McAbee called, appropriately enough, Stingray Sam is an unlikely, but affable, hero, who just sort of goes with the flow of whatever’s happening. Stingray Sam, a lounge singer on parole on Mars, finds himself [[strike:invited]] kidnapped by his former partner-in-crime The Quasar Kid on a mission to rescue a girl child being held by UpperClassTwit Fredward. Original in all of its aspects, and genuine in all of its execution, it is the best sci-fi/western/comedy/musica/serialized story ever told.

The framework of the story involves two outlaws, Stingray Sam and the Quazar Kid, who are sent to on a mission to rescue the daughter of a famous carpenter (in this reality everyone can become famous if they're good at what they do, even carpenters). Now, if I can just get those darn songs out of my head. The carpenter’s daughter is absolutely adorable, and her bond with Stingray feels quite real (which is appropriate since she is actually McAbee’s real daughter). If you wan't plot led big bangs then look elsewhere. a list of 22 titles What can be better than that? Instead, McAbee's … I first became aware of Stingray Sam on io9 — how could I resist a headline about the “best musical space western ever”?
Read more. Each episode even has a single song played somewhere within it by McAbee’s band, American Astronaut. “Stingray Sam is not a hero…” So begins the weird musical sci-fi western adventure story by Cory McAbee called, appropriately enough, Stingray Sam. Whether its a secretary who calls out numbers in completely random order or a planet full of pregnent men or the first bred clone who is treated like royalty, the characters in ‘Stingray Sam’ are incredible and, equally as much, hilarious.

Interwoven with this live-action, rock-musical adventure are lovely, monty-python’esque animations developing the political background from which the characters emerge. 34 out of 35 found this helpful. 15 out of 16 found this helpful. It’s just a simple black t-shirt with the Cory McAbee has created a weird and wonderful world in this sixty-minute movie. The DVD and CD are what you’d expect — professionally done. But, like Han, he comes back at a crucial moment and saves the day in the final confrontation between Fredward and Stingray Sam. Download the latest version And as if the set, story, animation and acting were not enough to rave about there is also the music. Format: DVD Verified Purchase...but he does do the things that others don't that need to be done. When it comes down to cool-sounding sub-genres, I think Cory McAbee and company have figured out which may be numero uno. Speaking of Fredward, he’s not exactly a bad guy, more like a petulant brat spoiled by a lifetime of yes-men and wealth. Got that? Follow these two space convicts as they earn their freedom in exchange for the rescue of a young girl who is being held captive by the genetically designed figurehead of a very wealthy planet. Forced to repay their debt to society, this duo must rescue a young girl being held on the affluent planet, Fredward.