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The makers announced that both the PS4 and Vita consoles will be released in China, and the former's package will also consist of a 500GB and 1TB hard drive and controller.The 20th anniversary of the original PS console was celebrated on December 6, 2014, with the release of a limited-edition, anniversary-edition PlayStation 4 with an aesthetic design that recalled the original 1994 PlayStation.Establishment, PlayStation release, and North American expansion (1993–2005),Creation of SCE Worldwide Studios, acquisitions, and restructure (2005–2011),Launch of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, expansion into China (2011–2016),As Sony Interactive Entertainment (2016–present),Last edited on 17 September 2020, at 00:03,Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios,Malaysia's Minister of Communications and Multimedia,best-selling home video game console in history,List of Sony Interactive Entertainment video games,"Introducing the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Commemorating 500 Million Systems Sold","Sony Celebrates PlayStation's 20th Anniversary With a Limited-Edition PS4","Sony stops shipping the PlayStation 2 in Japan after nearly 13 years","Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Changes in Corporate Officers","SCEI Announces New President of SCE Worldwide Studios","SCE Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison Resigns","Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Guerrilla Games","Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Zipper Interactive","Official PlayStation Website — PlayStation Network","Official PlayStation Website — PlayStation Network — Online Gaming","E3 06: PS3 launches 11/17--$499 for 20GB, $599 for 60GB","SCEI and Sony announce Executive Management Transition at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc","Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Evolution Studios and Bigbig Studios","David Reeves to Retire From Sony Computer Entertainment Europe","Andrew House named as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe","Sony To Restructure Networked Services Business","Sony Computer Entertainment to focus on games, temporarily renamed 'SNEP,"Sony Computer Entertainment To Become SNEP (Temporarily)","Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Media Molecule","Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Sucker Punch Productions",Sony closes and restructures two UK studios,Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool,"PlayStation®4 (PS4(TM)) Launches November 15 In North America, November 29 In Europe And Latin America","Sony to sell PlayStation 4 console in China","Veteran PlayStation boss Jack Tretton to step down","OnLive shuts down streaming games service, sells patents to Sony","PlayStation Vue: Sony's cloud TV service launches in the US this month","Sony Interactive Entertainment Merges PlayStation Biz Units","Sony forms new company to make PlayStation mobile games","Sony's new mobile games studio is making Hot Shots Golf, Parappa the Rapper, and more","Why would Sony merge its gaming and film units?

Lynton will continue to be based in California at the studio’s world headquarters in Culver City and will travel to New York. announced for PS Vita and mobile devices,Control the undead in The Hungry Horde on PS Vita,PS Vita's BigFest is also coming to PS4 and PS3,Introducing WiLD a PS4 exclusive from Rayman creator Michel Ancel,,Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He was involved in the … It was released in Japan and other parts of Asia on December 17, 2011.On March 1, 2019, Sony has ended production of the system and physical cartridge games.The PS4 was announced as the successor to the PS3,Described by Sony as a "next generation" console, the PS4 included features such as enhanced social capabilities, second-screen options involving devices like the handheld.Following a January 2014 announcement by the Chinese government that the country's 14-year game console ban would be lifted, the PS4 was scheduled to be the first Sony video game console to be officially and legally released in China since the PlayStation 2—the ban was enacted in 2000 to protect the mental health of young people.The Chinese release dates and price details were announced in early December, with January 11, 2015, confirmed by SCEI. Although the appointment of a non-Japanese to head the parent company surprised many, some two-thirds of Sony’s employees worldwide were non …

Kazuo Hirai, currently executive deputy president will become CEO and president of Sony Corporation on April 1.
Nicole Seligman becomes president, the company announced. This site uses cookies.