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In this cult horror classic, a maniac on the loose takes his weapon of choice, a huge power drill, to a gathering of unsuspecting young women. Made with a low budget of only 200 thousand dollars, it grossed a bit over 3 million at the box office. 1982 | R | 1h 13m | Horror. "The Slumber Party Massacre" is a 1982 slasher film that has some interesting distinctions. A teenage girl and her friends find themselves terrorized by a psychotic rock star who has a weaponized guitar fitted with a drill bit.

Sign in or create an account I'll do it later Someone with a power drill shows up uninvited to Trish's (Michele Michaels) high-school pajama party.

Slumber Party Massacre.

The first being that it was helmed by a female director Amy Holden Jones, and was written by a female screenwriter Rita Mae Brown. ... • Get recommendations based on your interests wherever you watch.