shakara oloje ni meaning

@Sam…What is your problem..Someone took the time to write an article about something most Nigerian men I know often complain about. Don Jazzy, Davido React to Otedola’s Ferrari Gifts to DaughtersSam… mehn you get issues sha! shikena…. On the real though, im a born and bred naija guy but buttered in the UK and feel a lil bit of shakara is necessary but the big question is where do we draw the line?

VIDEO: Kanye West Urinates on his Grammy AwardForming, Shakara, Buga, call it what you may is an integral part of the Nigerian social physiological make-up if i can say that, and it is quite unfortunate. naija guys think that they are all that, so thats y some need to show them…and shakara is the way to deal wit some of these boysLol…this guy!

The best of the afrobeat in action !! Good luck when you buy a spelling dictionaryWhat is the fear?

Either way less stress for both ppl. Shakara Lyrics: To ba b'oni sakara pade / Pasan to ma fi na e oje l'o nje / Kini won se npe o / Shakara oloje ni / Shakara oloje ni / Shakara oloje ni o / We get the Shakara man / We get the The fact that other people would prefer people to be themselves is also their preference which they are entitled to.

Call me. Pretty much fronting, as our yankee people would say. Feeling important when you shouldn't even when you know you want it.

"Come on jare, look at this man" "Why you come from self?" I ask becase this tout seems traumatised by a string of ladies who must have turned down his sloppy tongue, shallow brain, ugly face and lean-lined pocket!Software Engineer, Web Developer, Promoter, Blogger, and pretty much a jack of all trades and master of 2. Always finding the time to reply, saying you have no time to trade words. Sometimes, it is very unnecessary and tends to give off the impression of a complex.

Dis trauma women have given you is soooooo heart-wrecking; a tear for you my friend, but let go and let time!! I was a child growing up in Liberia. I have a friend who feels he can't go out with a girl who doesn't do shakara for him. The Very Best of Enya. !An excellent song to die a sound system. they are amazing people, but in relationships, sometimes their drama is too much.So pls all my fellow shakara babes, don't stop doing shakara oh, make these boyz work hard cos u are worth it.Guys please lets stop all these mudslinging. If you act like you like him the first time you meet, he just brands you as cheap. Is your full name Samantha? Hughe Masekula.When i was 6years i used to wonder who is this man....3decades later i still dont have a clue...You'll hear blue notes in it.

?Top 10 RICHEST Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth –...this days, 'i 'll think about it is almost equivalent to yes' Star Boy Wizkid Enlisted For Coachella Promises SurprisesTo my guys, have you ever tried to approach to naija babe, and she sizes you from head to toe, squeezes her face, looks at you in disgust, and then replies “Yes, Can I help you?”… Kai!!

Why do you beg for pen notice by giving me an internet link? a few things to say about this post from a WOMAN's point of view….However that is not to say that is what you get all the time, but in my opinion it is the general disposition of Nigerians to Nigerians. After toasting, you turn to Papa Ajasco Yeah YeahM most favourite. That would explain your rant.You desire pen regard?
so many girls, the shakara babe wud have to wait in line like everyboy else. Why is your focus on chics chics and chics??? Shakara nice song fela kuti you the creator afrobeat jah live fela kuti - shakara dj Snoop nnankita remix(tribal house)I was just thinking Bob when I read that comment, nice shout !African here drop like 2019 love from São Tomé e Príncipe love naija musicA top secret “ the connector of Ghana and Nigeria is this man’s music “We need u somebody like now in nigeria. Music has undergone some transformations as all these trumpets hv been replaced by keyboards nowadays. 1. shakara can often be confused with girls knowing what they wantI wont go as far as saying naija guys don't appreciate their women though. I don't like playing games and if you look at me with disgust and insult me I will speak to my legs and look elsewhere.
Na Man You Be ✊✊✊✊Reporting live from the street of Bayelsa. It makes it difficult for guys to differentiate if the babe is fronting or she really doesn’t like us.

If u like a guy, give him a chance. Twilight. Cookouts, Weddings, Roadtrips, everything....Who's listening to this beautiful tones in this 2020 k hit me guysPeople are missing out due to lack of information.