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Simply apply to sell as a Takealot seller today and easily reach online shoppers across South Africa.

When looking to sell a product you need to be aware of existing or potential competition from other sellers and have a good understanding of the fees Takealot charges and how they affect your product margin.One of the advantages of selling on Takealot is that they handle all the logistics and delivery of your products to a customer. All you have to do is to log on to the Takealot's DJ Maphorisa engages in some playful banter with Prince Kaybee There are two options for selling your products on the Takealot Marketplace. You can either store your product in Takealot DCs or you can list your products on a lead time and only ship a product to the DC once a customer has placed an order.Formula: Stock Cover = ( Total Stock / Sales unit in the last 30 days ) * 30To put this opportunity into perspective, in 2019 36% of Takealot’s R5 billion was generated by Sellers on its marketplace. Before you can start selling your product on the Takealot Marketplace, you need to ensure that the product you wish to sell is part of Takealot’s Product Catalogue.Storing your stock in the Takealot DC has many advantages. Shop anything you can imagine: TVs, laptops, cellphones, kitchen appliances, toys, books, beauty & more. They have a mission to operate as the most customer-centric online shopping destination as far as Africa is concerned. You can avoid being charged Storage Fees by ensuring that you submit a removal order before the end of the month (end of calendar month or end of the 30 days?). Additionally, the lead time option enables you to sell your products on other channels, such as your own e-commerce store or other online marketplaces, as the products remain in your warehouse until an order is placed.What makes Takealot unique among retailers in South Africa is that they provide a marketplace. This is called the fulfilment fees, and it is charged based on combining the weight (kg) and volumetric size (length x width x height in cm3) of the items. Set the prices and quantity to sell. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Former Kardashian nanny says Kris Jenner was "incredibly controlling"There are two options that you can choose from once you have completed the other steps above in terms of ensuring easy access to the products. List your products. Takealot will use their courier network to deliver your product to a customer.You may have heard that selling on the Takealot Marketplace is one of the best ways to access the South African e-commerce market. You can apply to become a Takelaot Marketplace Seller at this URL Takealot is the largest e-commerce website in South Africa and every month 10 million people visit to see what products are on offer. Creating a new product listing for the Takealot Catalogue can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Whether you are wanting to generate some passive income or start an e-commerce empire this is the guide for you. Ship the products to Takealot fulfilment centres.

Takealot will then pick your stock and make it available for you to collect. If you are competing with other sellers on a product and all your offers are priced the same, you will win the Buy Box if your product is ‘In Stock’ and other sellers are selling on a lead time.The Takealot storage fees are charged per item and can accumulate quickly if not closely monitored. This is why you are expected to understand the basics, and based on the information that this article will discuss, you will understand how to go about fulfilling your dream of online selling with Takealot.Somizi addresses allegations of stealing cooking show conceptHow to register as a seller on Takealot? Hey Guys This week I wanted to explain how to sell on I will go into the details of lead time orders and in stock orders in a future video. Additionally, late lead time orders will negatively affect the performance metrics of your Seller Account.With a few exceptions, you can sell almost any product on the Takealot Marketplace. This allows you to focus on investing in and expanding your product range while Takealot handles the rest.Ultimate Guide to Starting an Ecommerce Business in South AfricaOnce a lead time order is placed on the Takealot Marketplace you need to ensure that your product reaches the specified Takealot DC by the prescribed date.

Takealot encourages that you send the items that you want to sell to their fulfilment centre so that, once a customer places an order, they can ship the product(s) without delay.