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Sartana Will Pay (1970) Light the Fuse…Sartana is Coming (1970) So you can certainly sense a theme here.

Manassas Jim's men ambush Sartana at the Turkish bath, but he manages to kill them all and flees to the nearest Apache cave. Naturally, a bunch of other treacherous folks who include conniving widow Senora … Creating diversions well enough after breaking free, Sartana helps Granville escape from the prison and learns of the deal that got him in custody of the law in the first place. Sartana is coming) is very much a Leone-inspired spaghetti western with a classic Yojimbo-like plot (often reused by Italian westerns, like Django and A Fistful of Dollars). Belle, however, secretly informs Monk in hopes of splitting the gold with him if he kills Sartana.
Ernesto Gastaldi (screenplay) Sartana Is Coming WESTERN Sartana arrives in a small town to find a hidden fortune of half a million dollars in gold and two million in counterfeit money, but the wily gunslinger is not alone in his search - conniving widow Senora Manassas, shrewd fellow gunslinger Grand Full and the vicious, unhinged General Monk are also looking to get their greedy hands on the fortune.

Most of those movies had actors from all over Europe (sometimes all over the world, this has an East meets West vibe) and everyone was talking their own language on set. Now one of the stranger things is the dubbing thing. Description. Sartana, heavily prepared and knowing that Belle would easily betray him to what she thought would be the stronger side, awaits the arrival of Monk along with his gang in Mansfield.

Sartana, just like the Man with No Name, is a cool, calculated,… Review by Jaume Vaquer ★★★ El Sartana de Gianni Garko me parece que tiene muchos elementos que lo diferencian de los típicos cazarrecompensas de otros spaghetti … 1/2 million dollars in gold and 2 million in counterfeit money have gone missing when the deal to buy the counterfeit money goes wrong. Xbox One HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. After killing a corrupt sheriff and his deputies in the town of Sandy Creek, Sartana voluntarily surrenders himself to Everglades Penitentiary under the guise of a convict with the purpose of meeting a man called Granville who is imprisoned there. He travels back to Mansfield to strike a deal with Belle whom he tells that he has found out where the gold is. Sartana is Coming. Naturally, a bunch ...Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin Sartana informs each of them individually that he plans to split the gold with them, without the others knowing about it, and sends them to confronts Manassas Jim at the Apache cave, kills him and burns the counterfeit money. With Gianni Garko, Nieves Navarro, Massimo Serato, Piero Lulli.

Puttnam examines the crystalline dirt on the boots and tells Sartana to rendezvous with him at the town's Turkish bath. Sartana comes across Sam Puttnam, an undercover federal agent who also is looking for the gold, believing it is a property of the U.S. government. In a contemporary review, Verina Glaessner (Monthly Film Bulletin) reviewed an 89 minute English-dubbed version of the film titled Gunman in Town. Sartana is equipped with a new array of weapons and gadgets, including a miniature robot in the form of a totem, called Alfie, who can be programmed to kill. There have been quite a lot of "spaghetti" western and taking notes from other succesful ones was not being considered a bad thing. Manassas Jim's story is identical to that of Granville's, while Monk insists he witnessed only two lying corpses in the gambling house and insinuates that the sheriff found and killed Johnson, and placed his body nearby the other two. Naturally, a bunch of other treacherous folks who include conniving widow Senora Manassas, shrewd fellow gunslinger Grand Full, and the vicious and … The story is a usual complicated Sartana story. There are alot of parts involved and after the money, including the sheriff, an outlaw with his army, the banker and the widow just to mention a few. Along the way, Sartana also meets Belle, the supposed widow of Johnson, who tells him her late husband used her money in dirty deals, claiming ownership of the legitimate currency in return.

Sartana Is Coming was released on 24 December 1970. "Una nuvola di polvere... Un grido di morte... Arriva Sartana (1970)"Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike LicenseIn a contemporary review, Verina Glaessner (Granville claims he doesn't know where the loot is hidden, but knows it is somewhere in the town of Mansfield. Sartana is coming Review From The Spaghetti Western Database.