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Help costumed 16th century sailors set the sails, find your latitude with an astrolabe, and swab the decks. Artifacts include thoseex from the USS Monitor, which sank 16 miles off the Hatteras coast. It has embraced the local food movement, and always tries to use local seasonal produce, regionally sourced eggs (we use a lot!) Life on the ship was really an introduction to how hard their life on the new mainland was about to be, and the Elizabeth II replica plays an important role in teaching visitors the courage and determination America's first English residents needed in order to survive in an entirely New World.Perhaps the reason that this area of maritime forest goes unnoticed, (an area which in fact comprises the majority of Frisco Village), is simply because the oceanfront beaches just yards away are too alluring to ignore, and garner the lion's share of vacationers' interest. Elizabeth IIThe elaborately constructed replica of the Elizabeth II, a fantastic and detail-perfect example of the ship that brought the original colonists to Manteo. Maritime history lovers who can't squeeze in a visit to the Elizabeth II or the Outer Banks are advised to look out for these seasonal tours for an opportunity to see history in action, literally, and heading to a port near their home town.The Elizabeth II can be found in the middle of Shallowbag Bay at the very edge of The Elizabeth II has been turning heads since it was first constructed and moved just a few hundred yards from the Manteo Boathouse to its permanent location in The staff and crew of the Elizabeth II take great efforts to make sure everyone gets a hands-on visit, especially their youngest visitors.

A bark, or three masted vessel, Elizabeth II is rated by 16th-century standards as a 50-tunne ship." Turn the capstan to raise the ship’s anchor, play checkers with a wily sailor, and search for surprises in barrels and boxes on board.

Extremely educational while still feeling like a fun day playing pretend at sea, vacationers are encouraged to bring along their youngest family members who will certainly have an incredible interactive and eye-opening experience.Certainly, the daily life of dealing with the Outer Banks elements, building a settlement from scratch, and living next to a growingly hostile community of Native Americans was a hard enough life on its own. Situated in the quaint, waterfront town of Manteo, this café offers gastro-pub dining with great OBX eats in a casual, street-scape setting. The Elizabeth II "A composite design of 16th-century ships, Elizabeth II is 69 feet long and 17 feet wide and draws eight feet of water. At just 65' ft. tall, it is by far the smallest lighthouse on the Outer Banks, but it still towers over the 4 square miles of Ocracoke Village, and its beacon can be spotted up to 14 miles into the Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.When most Outer Banks visitors think of Nags Head, they imagine a classic beach town filled with warm sunny days, crashing ocean waves, and miles of beaches, shops, restaurants and all the attractions that inherently come standard with an entertaining and well-loved vacation town.Take an in-depth tour of the ship to meet and greet with a 16th century crew hard at work getting the settlers on their way to building a New World in America, or simply admire the site from a comfortable chair at your favorite local waterfront restaurant or pub.

The breeze from Shallowbag Bay cools guests as they admire the ship’s bold trim. Guest House Room Rates. This is definitely a kid-friendly excursion, as kids are usually the first visitors to get recruited to help the captain find his latitude with an astrolabe, or turn the giant sailing mechanisms that lower or raise the sails. Guests love our all-inclusive pricing with NO booking fees, LayAway Vacations, E-Z Pay options and more, so much so they’ve rated us higher than all other vacation rental companies on the Island on Yelp, Google, and Facebook! We are also a full-service Real Estate Firm and a planned community developer.

Popular since it first laid out the gangplank, the Elizabeth II is still an admired and eye-opening attraction for visitors, and an incredible head-turning sight along the Manteo harbor. The striking green and white Tudor flag  and the white and red Cross of St. George flag both fly in the wind and appear brilliant against the backdrop of a Carolina blue sky. Test out the straw and feather mattresses that gentlemen aboard the ship were lucky to sleep on.Spring Gardening Tips from American Indian TownJust Hanging Around - RIFP Art Collection Video SeriesIndependent Watermen Exhibit Coming to Festival ParkTreasures from Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge at Roanoke Island Festival ParkBuilding a Settlement - Wattle and Daub Method35th Anniversary Exhibit for the Elizabeth IITourism Pledge - Keeping You Safe This Summer

With nearly 450 homes and all your wish-list amenities, we have options to fit every style and budget. The ship can be explored in person during the prime summer months, guided by costumed interpreters, or can be admired by anyone who strolls along the downtown Manteo docks.