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Solutions for automating the game, creating bots and ways to gain experience and currency. It is commonly believed that the shutdown was the direct result of a YouTuber known as "iSoToxic" raiding the forums just a day earlier. Contest information can be found here. Knights of the Splintered Skies: Sword and ShieldA large number of forumers tended to be slightly gullible, falling for bait. data-csrf="1600498104,23e24490ea1c01bee99455d16b975ceb" This forum was previously named Sports Fans (SF), it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.

Roblox's mission is to bring the world together through play. Effective game guides and up-to-date promotional codes.

A common theme is 'make a story with these characters' or something weird happening to the original poster. This is the least used subforum, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade. If you try to post on a thread on a deleted forum, the reply will not be posted. Some common threads and discussions include Roblox updates and ideas. Check here to see the crazy things ROBLOX is doing. This sub-forum is for players to participate in text-based role-playing games, or to start their own. Welcome to Hot Topic! ROBLOX Talk was originally the first forum on the ROBLOX Forums page. Inside, you can learn from our rich developer c… 1: 351946: June 21, 2017 (2020)Entering on 2 lines removes the indentation on the first lineWhy is "Reset on Spawn" enabled by default in ScreenGui Start a role-playing thread here involving your fictional characters, or role-play out a scenario with other players.Over the years, a number of forums have been removed. "This sub-forum is dedicated to conversations about sports-related topics and events. . In January 2013, the forum section was revamped. How long should it take for decals to become available in game?This really funny staircase that I made from a while backInventory API endpoint discloses whether users own assetsUsers API endpoint discloses GDPRed username history However, they still have access to all of the forums and can read the threads made by any ROBLOX users. What is this forum? The post rose to the top of the forums and the link stayed for approximately 30 minutes. A forum raid is the activity of gaining a bunch of users from a sub forum and command them to spam hate or unneeded threads in another sub forum.

Share your feedback here. You must apply to create new topics. A good portion of the ideas shared in S&I are related to updates and changes that Roblox makes, and reverting them. Thread count: approximately 5,000,000 : Post count: approximately 35,000,000 : ROBLOX Talk was originally the first forum on the ROBLOX Forums page. Also talk about your favorite Twitch streamers.On May 1, 2017, QuackityHQ (a well-known YouTube user) was doing a stream on Twitch. If you haven't, click here. You must log in or register to post here.

Players make T-shirts that are about popular forum topics, such as RT and LMaD, the most popular. The Developer Forum supports new and experienced Roblox developers in all things related to Roblox development. You can play others' games, or create your own. Trying to go onto the forum page today redirects to On December 4, 2017, the forums suddenly became read-only and users were told to save all threads created by themselves, as they would be fully deleted a week later. Roblox Talk is the most strictest sub-forum, it is no longer available and was replaced by Roblox News and Discussion. There is also Let's Make a Deal (LMaD) is the most popular forum out of all of the Roblox Forums.