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Rob Janoff, back then, a young man, never imagined that Apple would become the brand it has, and his logo the most well-known, even more than Coca Cola and Google. The bitten apple, nowadays is the subject of cartoonists’ and poster designers’ works. About Rob. They had a list of names for the company and had to pick one the next day to sign business papers. Das Apple-Logo blickt, wie so viele Logos vor ihm auch, auf eine lange Entwicklungsgeschichte zurück. But whatever it was, he is still proud of it after 40 years.”Lol, you guys are great at using a Google definition but not much else.Introduced in 1977, the Apple II was the first consumer product sold by Apple.The fact that Apple doesn’t have to include its name is impressive. It shows different level of thought process behind such a big, yet simple design. After the agency’s initial meeting, Janoff went to work developing the Apple icon based on his examination of physical cross-sections of real apples. A logo is not defined by having an image and a wordmark. When Janoff went to Jobs with final sketches, everything went very smoothly, and the bitten apple has been the symbol of the brand ever since.Imagotype is a brand depiction using a picture only; from “imago”, latin for image.Yes. Das Apple Logo gehört zu den einprägsamsten Symbolen der Gegenwart. Also Steve’s super high quality standards for functionality and design were a huge factor. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark).“To make it look more like an apple and not some other round fruit, I did what one does with an apple, I took a bite out of it.” (The following was kindly contributed by Logotype is a brand depiction using only words, though possibly using a characteristic font/typeface; from “logos”, greek for word (e.g. Computers back then had a harsh and negative connotation, I wanted to create a warm and positive feeling about the Apple computer.Not really. I didn’t have to sell hard or pitch the idea.

They didn’t come up with something better, so Apple it was, and I’m so glad.Logo – short for logotype (words), logomark (symbol, no words). Please add to the list. Nothing quite holds a candle to the Apple logo.And in Denmark we have the official mark for organically produced foods (a red “Ø”) which is recognized by 98%+ of the danish population and arguably the strongest “brand” in Denmark. In meinem heutigen Blog schreibe ich heute über die Entstehungsgeschichte des Apple Logos und seine Mythen. IBM, Coca Cola, and Ford as explained on the first comment).That said, if you want to call it a logo, go ahead, everyone else does, but to be technical it’s a brand mark or emblem. The fact that the Apple logo was on the corner of every screen of every Apple product helped to make it an internationally known (and loved) icon.Great insight from a great mind. The stories are way more interesting than my rationale. An industry icon. Stories are told and people believe them and the lore gets passed on (all before social media). A single design illustration was then created of a “rainbow-striped” apple.© 2020 The word logo does not derive from the word logotype.

:-)Like many things, stories have a way of getting stretched and changed in the retelling. It’s a short hand of it, yes, but there is also the word logogram which it has also been confusingly used as short hand for.

The word logotype has a similar history (although the stupid mixing of logos {word} and type doesn’t do much to properly describe what a logotype is).

Greetings to you and congratulations on your work with Rob inside Iran. The frequency that a logo is seen is a huge factor in its success. Apple fans not only put this logo on their vehicles to show their loyalty, they go to the extreme of tattooing themselves with it, a …