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Drain off?

Wouldn’t have any other way!Liquid from the potatoes in the strainer will go into the bowl.

The possibilities are mouth-watering. How about sour cream and a dollop of caviar? Most European cultures have their own potato pancakes recipe that has been enjoyed for generations. I have most of her polish recipes written down from sessions I had with her before she passed. I made it in a baking dish rather than the cast iron skillet one day, and my husband commented that they were good, but “missing something.” I’d have to say that “something” was the “magic” a cast iron skillet imparts.I am sooo surprised! I remember putting raw potatoes through a meat grinder and adding flour, I believe. Thanks..now I have the amounts!! Add salt pepper and flour until thickened a bit. To me using flour rather than relying on collecting the potato starch, just makes sense, it’s faster and easier, and a sure thing.The mixture was just a little more cohesive than the one with only potato starch.

It’s fun reading, enjoy!By the way Lori, my Babcia loved Nela’s cookbook.The video i watched seemed to show shredded potatoes not grated which I think makes a better pancake in my opinion as well as making for a great kugeli. Do you think attempting to squeeze out some of the water in a dishcloth would help?We ate them with sugar and cottage cheese so good I still make them.once in a while.We had these often growing up. I’m now 72.

Never heard of them being eaten with anything else, but that could be geographical, I can believe this is the Jewish way and so many traditional polish food is Jewish, Russian or German.Creamed Mushrooms Grzyby w Sosie - Polish HousewifeFood processor all the way!!! I love it. Not sure where the last part came from but it’s very, very good. My kids were blown away, made the rolled cabbage & pancakes tonight for dinner! She made dozens of them as we all loved them. We liked them with tomato soup, a nice comforting meal. Love eating these! Were just like the pancakes I remember making with my mother so many years ago. She even made her wine, with her grapes she grew!!!! Anyway, my second suggestion is: my friend keeps the batter from turning by putting a silver spoon in the batter as it sits.

SO GooD!! Please keep going on your website, I love to watch you on youtube, your sweet, funny and an excellent polish cook. Don’t see why it would’nt work. Have you ever heard of this?I have no experience with egg substitutes but I’m sure you can find something on the internet. They puff up nicelyYour email address will not be published.I know what I’m going to cook for Sunday breakfast.

Something about hand grating is different when making potato pancakes. Thanks..looks yummy I’m 100% polish, and love to get recipes to pass down to my kidsStudababa I found a recipe for czarnina on Google. LOLMy Ex husband made a chocolate sauce . I came from Trenton New Jersey and there was a significant Polish population.Polish friends have told me they like to eat them with sugar and cinnamon, or maybe sour cream.
Thank youI was wondering if I could brush with oil, and use air fryer !?? It is pricey.1 tbl of flour for 2 potatoes is way too much flour.

Guests would have first dibs then we would take one.

In some areas, kartofla is used for potato, but I believe it is viewed as a German word.My mom always fried in bacon grease and we sprinkled them with sugar, rolled them up and ate them. Both those versions sound good. My grandmother always made potato pancakes, and we always ate them with ketchup (I’m guessing that was the Americanization of our Polish heritage) but I remember her serving them with kraut, too. A food processor can come close but cannot duplicate the results you get from the hand grating the Russet potatoes. […] Placki Ziemniaczane – Polish potato pancakes, whether you shred your potatoes or grate them, top them with sweet or savory, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love potato pancakes […]Sorry to tell you but nobody in Poland eats potato pancakes with sour cream or apple sauce. YES! I had many skinned knuckles! His family puts grape jelly on them❤, don’t judge until you try!!

[…] Even with cultivated mushrooms (I used half white button and half crimini), Creamed Mushrooms Grzyby w Sosie, will make a delicious Lenten supper.

I’ve never been able to make them not dissolve when using mashed potatoes.

Also they traditionally use flour not starch.

She was German, btw.This is a Polish Potato Pancake not a Latke!I have made these (Your recipe) several times. Good Luck!Do you have the complete recipe for the potatoes in the 9 x 13 pan? !I forgot to mention adding the egg to the flour, salt and pepper in the blending process.Has anyone heard of a recipe called “klaitzie”? Fresh ones will stay white but I will say it’s harder than ever to find fresh potatoes that have not been stored too long.My mother-in-law often made these for Friday dinner (no meat on Friday in those days).