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Go as fast as you can!Stay tuned for occasional emails about all things Jewish.It makes us happy to know that you’re back. (JK, but we will send you fabulous emails once in awhile.) Reader 1: Let us prepare our hearts for the Passover Seder. An American poet, novelist and playwright, Langston Hughes was a key member of the Harlem Renaissance. Share: Connect With Us. It’s no surprise that with all the toxicity happening in the world, that that feeling has been poisoned by those looking to divide. This one is a beauty.Thanksgiving Booklet - Just Print Copies!Every year, this reading provokes discussion. Let us know what’s on your mind.

And… there is! Sign up for eternal bliss and inner peace. It will get everyone’s attention and help them to make sacred time and space. Then read out loud.Hey, can you watch the phones on Friday? The tricky part is that you start the reading from the top 13 times, each time adding the next line. -Author Unknown/A JewBelong Original We love that this reading is by Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham J. Heschel because it hearkens back to a time when African Americans and Jews were more closely aligned in their fight for justice and equality. We hear a lot of questions, but we haven’t heard yours! 2 Table of Contents 3 Pesach Greetings Rabbi Dov Linzer 4 A Seder Supplement in the Age of Coronavirus Rabbi Avraham “Avi” Weiss 7 Chaos in Seder Rabba Sara Hurwitz 9 Telling the Story - from the Beginning and the End Rabbi Jeffrey Fox 11 Who are the Main Characters of the Hagaddah? Passover is rich in social justice themes.

Once upon a time there was a wise son, a wicked son, a simple son and one who didn’t even know how to ask the question. As I wrote in the opening reading:“It’s Time for All-Out Freedom” A Passover Guest Post by Maya Schenwar ay this time of brokenness lead to a deeper solidarity between all who are ready to fight for a better world.” The Passover Seder /ˈseɪdər/ is a ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. One poem rich with ideas regarding freedom and power that remains as relevant as it is brilliant is ‘I, Too’, by Langston Hughes. The only thing you’ll need to remember is your password, and from personal experience that’s hard enough.Start your Seder with this short reading. The story of Passover the story we retell each year at our Seder tables illuminates the core narrative of the Jewish people: we were once slaves in Egypt, but now we are free. Make an account, keep the readings there. Don’t miss this one!

Kiddush (the blessing over wine) – KADEISH. Where do we even begin?Since the dictates of social separation render the group seders impossible, many families and groups are already planning to hold theirs’ via Zoom or other web-based platforms. As we join together at the Seder table, in remebrance and celebration of our liberation from Egypt, let us also keep in mind the millions of people throughout the world who are still seeking refuge. Jews generally observe one or two seders: in Israel, one seder is observed on the …

The Passover seder (a Jewish ritual dinner) is based on the haggadah, a book of instructions, prayers, blessings, and stories that lays out the proper order for the ritual.Haggadah means “the telling,” referring to one of the most important aspects of the seder: the recitation of … I am the darker brother. It is impossible to study the Jewish story of redemption and not feel compelled to eradicate injustice in the world today. Opening Readings for Your Seder. May we all make our way through this fearful moment together. We have a thing.When we remember the Exodus, we also remember the six million Jews across Europe who were killed during the Holocaust.So here is the thing, half of the Jewish families that we know are headed by a couple where one of them is not Jewish. Passover Pine Cone: Putting Prisons on the Seder Plate This year we add a pine cone to our Seder Plate, as a reminder of mass incarceration and the work it will take to repair this injustice. Clearly this was not a terribly evolved family, but this reading is a traditional part of the Passover Seder.High Holidays Booklet - Just Print Copies!Why make an account and save your favorite JewBelong stuff? PASSOVER SEDER. PASSOVER READINGS . Our Passover meal is called a Seder, which means order in Hebrew, because we go through 14 specific steps as we retell the story of our ancestors’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.. 1. It’s about the humanity in all of us and the mystery of destiny. We must consider ourselves as having personally been freed from Egypt. In order to honor their suffering, for they were human too, we say each of the 10 plagues out loud, one at a time. I’m happy to share them with the wider world as well – and sincerely hope you’ll find them helpful if you are holding/attending a seder this year. 2. Featured Articles on Passover. So, if that is your thing, include it. That is great! It’s a modern take on the traditional Passover song, Scripture Readings Associated With Passover. Because why use any of your precious brain cells to remember where you kept those great readings that you’ll use someday at Jeffrey’s B Mitzvah? This Passover, consider supplementing your seder our haggadah insert to remember that slavery didn’t end in Egypt as many people around the world are victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking. See the sights of Passover. Complete Readings: PASSOVER SEDER.