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The CW The Burners then make an unlikely alliance with the Duke of Detroit in hopes of finding the potential ally before Kane. Aired 12/30/12 Texas is captured by Kane's forces, and he tries to convince Tooley that he is the real power behind the Burners. Prime Video Please read the following before uploading Ep Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Complete Series Dutch has had enough of The Burners monopolizing his time with car maintenance and goes off to work on his other passion, art. S 2 :  But the Burners are in for a huge surprise when they find themselves facing off against Utilitons, evil robots that both they and Kane fear. Every 'episode' will have a specific title and will run just like the first season ran, however in book form :D. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! When two of Chuck's friends from his Live Action Role Play (LARP) world go missing, the group turns to The Burners for help. Jennifer Hale Now it's up to The Burners, a group of rebels led by 17-year-old Mike Chilton, to customize their fleet of cool hot rods and set out to stop Kane from taking over their last oasis of freedom, a subterranean refuge dubbed Motorcity.Succumbing to peer pressure, Texas enters Mama's Boys Rodeo Roundup with Roth as his "partner." A written version of what Season 2 should be like for Motorcity. Comedy Central

No. 4 2015 Top Kids & Family Shows See All. "Monday's Cable Ratings: "WWE Raw," NBA Playoffs Lead the Night"American flash animated television seriesAmerican children's animated science fantasy television series"Thursday's Cable Ratings: "Burn Notice" Tops Viewers, "Swamp People" Takes Demos" If you have an idea for an episode, PM me and I'll make sure to give you credit for your idea! This leads to negative reprocussions as the Duke places a bounty on the Burners' heads, and every rebel group in Motorcity wants to get their hands on it. In Deluxe Detroit – a city that hangs over the failed old Detroit – a group of hot-rod wielding rebels, known as the Burners, rise up to protect the last bastion of freedom – Motorcity.

Season 2 : Episode 10 Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. But when Texas loses, he offers up Roth to settle his debt, forcing The Burners to figure out a way to rescue him.When Kane develops a booster that increases physical abilities and eliminates fear, Chuck tries it and things start to get weird. We are kicking off season 2 with a Black History Month Celebration! Upside-Down Magic 2020 PAW Patrol, Vol. Tara Strong In a fictional, futuristic Detroit, called Detroit Deluxe, the evil billionaire owner Abraham Kane rules the citizens under strict laws, and bans personal freedoms, including automobile transportation. "We finally get to see this freak don't we!" YOU GUYS can contribute! Jeff Bennett After a Burner mission goes awry, Dutch is forced to hideout in Detroit Deluxe, where he has an unexpected reunion with his parents.This show occurs in a fictitious futuristic "Monday's Cable Ratings: "WWE Raw," NBA Playoffs Lead Viewers, Demos" 4

Upside-Down Magic … Our Subscribers and Patrons of our July event voted, and picked the theme for this year's costumed event:  We are also offering an annual subscription that gives you admission to all upcoming events and exclusive members only perks at over a 20% savings Learn more by clicking Suddenly, everything changed. An incident with Kane's robots causes Mike to become overprotective of his friends, and the Burners being separated. Motor City Masters was a TV show that ran for ten episodes in 2014. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. 4 2015 Top Kids & Family Shows See All. Aired 11/30/12

Motorcity was created by Titmouse, Inc. and aired on Disney XD for 1 season and 20 episodes. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. ""Chris Prynoski as Creator, Exec. iTunes. ... S 2 : Ep 8 Aired 1/6/13 (22:24) go. Motorcity is an American animated television series created and directed by Chris Prynoski. "Monday's Cable Ratings: TNT Hits NBA Postseason High With Lakers/Thunder" Birdman and the Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series Season 1: 2012. Julie was walked in front of the screen as she slowly looked up; exposing her sad eyes … Episode Guide. iTunes. Producer, and Director for Disney XD's 'Motorcity"Thursday's Cable Ratings: "Anger Management" Opens on Top for FX"Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License With Harald Belker, Brooke Burns, Rich Evans, Jean Jennings. Title Air date Prod. 1 2020 The Owl House, Vol. After a few weeks of harmony in Motorcity, Mike jumps at the chance to bring a container of hazardous waste back to the refinery. Julie, Dutch, and Texas must put aside their differences to save Mike. The Four: Battle for Stardom Corporate Note: The first episode was available for free on iTunes. Dutch said as Capri gave him a high five. Paramount Network Once on the road, the Burners discover that the job is all part of The Duke of Detroit's dangerous new reality show, with Mike and the Burners trapped as the stars. In the program, contestants competed in various challenges that focused on car design. Bumper Robinson