modern torpedo

A modern torpedo contains intricate devices to control its depth and direction according to a preset plan or in response to signals received from an outside source, as well as a device that detonates the explosive-filled warhead when it strikes its target or comes close to it.
The Torpedo 62 has a launch weight of 1,450kg and can carry high explosive warhead. The Mk-50 can be launched from all anti-submarine aircraft and from torpedo tubes aboard surface combatant ships. The Mark 50 torpedo is a U.S. Navy advanced lightweight torpedo for use against fast, deep-diving submarines.

You can see what that does to the former USNS Concord (ex-AFS 5) in the video below.
The Mark 48 was initially developed as REsearch TORpedo Concept II (RETORC II), one of several weapons recommended for implementation by Project Nobska, a 1956 summer study on submarine warfare.

modern torpedo is one of the fundamental drivers of 20th century naval warfare. All Toroedoes Used By The Indian Navy? It can be effectively launched against all types of submarines and surface ships. The modern torpedo … Its ability to sink ships and submarines with one shot is always in the mind of naval commanders. Operational since 1972, it replaced the Mk-37 and Mk-14 torpedoes as the principal weapon of U.S. Navy submarines. The Torpedo 62 (Export designation: Torpedo 2000) from Saab is a dual-purpose heavy weight torpedo system in use with the submarine fleet of the Royal Swedish Navy. With the entry into service of the new Soviet Alfa-classsubmarine in 1… Here is a video explaining all about How Torpedo Works? Modern submarine torpedoes come in two variants: thermal and electric.

From Your Site Articles. Thermal torpedoes use a fuel, such as OTTO Fuel II, which can be burned without an … A modern torpedo is an underwater ranged weapon launched above or below the water surface, self-propelled towards a target, and with an explosive warhead designed to detonate either on contact with or in proximity to the target. How Do Torpedo Engines Work Under Water? The Mk-50 was intended to replace the Mk-46 as the fleet's lightweight torpedo. The Mk-48 torpedo was designed at the end of the 1960s to keep up with the advances in Soviet submarine technology. Modern torpedoes with magnetic exploders are designed to do exactly that. A torpedo bomber is a military aircraft designed primarily to attack ships with aerial torpedoes.Torpedo bombers came into existence just before the First World War almost as soon as aircraft were built that were capable of carrying the weight of a torpedo, and remained an important aircraft type until they were rendered obsolete by anti-ship missiles.