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"Many shops along the Clayton Rd shopping strip, mostly Chinese restaurants, were smashed. Cr Jackie Watts alleged at a meeting last night that she had received an alarming message from the Chinese Consulate ahead of a June 4 meeting, where she had planned to mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Melbourne's Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, said she was "gobsmacked" at the suggestion that beggars were being flown in from China on tourist visas to collect money in the CBD. I guess it wouldn't take long for them to get their investment back," one person said. She has won multiple awards including a Walkley and the Lowy Institute Media Award.Cr Watts said her sense was the incident raised questions on the conduct of council.A Melbourne City councillor has said she regrets bowing to “political influence” and not proceeding with a motion commemorating the 30th anniversary of Beijing’s crackdown on Tiananmen Square in which thousands of students were killed.In 2007 former Melbourne Lord Mayor John So was "As stated at tonight’s meeting, Cr Watts made a personal decision not to proceed with a motion she had planned to put before Council on 4 June 2019. See our Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Arron Wood, says no alarming message was received.The message dissuaded her from passing a motion remembering the massacre victims.Cr Jackie Watts alleged at a meeting last night that she had received an alarming message from the Chinese Consulate ahead of a June 4 meeting, where she had planned to mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
"Cr Jackie Watts said she was dissuaded from proceeding with a motion on June 4 after what she believed was “political influence” from the Chinese Consulate, which triggered “acute distress” in some of her colleagues.Cr Watts claimed the “political influence” succeeded in changing her conduct. The lord mayor of Melbourne from 2001-2008, Chinese-Australian, John So, has been charged with running a dirty restaurant by the council he used to lead. 'Time to go': TVNZ reporter announces he is leaving Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, has everything you need to find your dream home. Melbourne woman Chez told the ABC she had been in and out of homelessness for the past 20 years and was concerned that the alleged actions of the organised group could deepen community stigma towards homeless people.Transgender athlete Ricki was an icon in the 90s, here's what it was like for herAngus Taylor has been spruiking carbon capture technology.

"Lord Mayor Sally Capp was visibly distressed at the beginning of the June 4 meeting and struggled to compose herself on a couple of occasions. "Generally speaking those people are vulnerable and in need and are genuinely homeless, whereas these people have flown into the country just to make money off Melburnians' goodwill.Live: UK braces for 'inevitable' second waveAussie cheesemakers on a roll thanks to COVID-19 lockdown, expensive European importsHotel quarantine inquiry reveals a quagmire of blame and lack of responsibility"It's a really hard message to get out to caring Melburnians to say 'please do not give to beggars'," she said.Chez said she was not a fan of begging — known on the streets as "coalbiting" — and no homeless person in Melbourne needed to do it in order to survive.I needed my son to get tested for COVID — but a Facebook post stood in my way Earlier this year the Bangkok Post reported that six Chinese nationals, including three in wheelchairs, were arrested for begging on Bangkok's a crime in Victoria which can carry a penalty of one year in jailUS fire expert says Australia is uniquely placed to navigate global fire ageWhile the seven people were charged with offences, Inspector Travaglini said they were still free to leave the country.Police have charged seven people over an alleged "professional begging" operation in which elderly Chinese people were flown to Melbourne on tourist visas to target passers-by in the CBD.Acting Inspector Travaglini said those charged were claiming to be homeless but officers later discovered they had access to shared housing in the CBD.Officers charged a group of seven Chinese nationals with begging and possessing property suspected of being the proceeds of crime during a targeted operation in the city centre on Monday and Tuesday.A video published on Reddit two weeks ago claimed to reveal an organised "syndicate" of fake beggars in the CBD.She urged people concerned about a homeless person to direct them to specialised support services instead of offering them cash.Some of the hundreds of people sleeping rough on Melbourne's streets talk about how they ended up there. "I need to complain here as I'm someone desperately waiting for visa for my aged parents to come here but being implicated by these people," wrote another.Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.A guide to Schitt's Creek: The Canadian comedy that's 'positively bedevilled' viewers'Nothing prepared me for that night': How one magic session of swimming set up Sydney's OlympicsIn their words: Meet Melbourne's rough sleepersMelbourne council to remove groups of homeless under new approachBeneath the idyllic trappings of a simple Amish life, Misty suspected 'something was just wrong'Police on Friday confirmed one of the women featured in the video was among the group charged this week.This small town is 100km from Melbourne and had just one COVID case.