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Either way, no one denies that the behavior and antics of the senior cheerleaders on the 2006 North McKinney High School squad were a serious problem. Now taking a hard line, Theret, according to her attorney, recommended kicking the five girls off the squad.

One of the Fab Five claims that their depiction as "Girls Gone Wild" is unjustified. Among the pranks they allegedly pulled on Ward: giving her what the report described as a "chocolate tampon" and sending racy text messages from her cell phone to her husband and another coach. Up next The Fab Five 10 Years Later (2002 Curry Kirkpatrick SportsCenter Report) - … "It would be an overstatement to describe any of the photographs as pornographic, but it would be an understatement to describe them as harmless high jinks," wrote Harold Jones, a lawyer hired by the school district to investigate the incident. 1. Another featured a cheerleader and several other girls in risqué poses offering glimpses of their panties. McKinney North High School cheerleader scandal from 2006 (Fab Five)? After parents protested that the latter picture shouldn't be treated more harshly than the former, the superintendent of schools agreed and reduced the penalty for the condom-store photo to 15 days. Did they go to prison? (Theret's attorney denies this. Lorraine and the assistant principal are suspended from their jobs. ... inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more.

I just got done watching the Lifetime movie they made about the cheerleading scandal and I had a few questions about what happened in real life. But a committee of administrators from the school and the district recommended 15-day suspensions for the girls in the drinking photo and 30-day suspensions for those in the condom-store snapshot. I was called a liar, crazy, on meds." In them, cheerleaders from McKinney North High School in Texas exhibited all variety of bawdy behavior. At McKinney North, the tumult is finally beginning to subside.

"The cheerleaders had reportedly been a menace long before the condom-store episode, according to the report. By many accounts, the group of cheerleaders, known as the "Fab Five," were out of control—an elite social clique that flagrantly flouted school rules but faced few sanctions.

And he rebuked Theret for failing to balance her dueling obligations as a mother and a principal.Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articlesSee why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5.Scandal: Cheerleaders Run Amok in Texas | EducationThe problems culminated this fall under the most recent cheerleading coach, Michaela Ward. None of the Fab Five remain on the team, according to one of the ousted cheerleaders. In 2008 she filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to get her job back. When one teacher told a squad member to quit chatting on her cell phone in class, the girl replied, "Shut up, I'm talking to my Mom." Four months later, Carr watches the girls at a cheer competition and is welcomed with praise and hugs, including Ashley, who she exchanges smiles with. McKinney Cheerleaders / Fab Five Photos | The Unwasted Life. "We want to move on," says a McKinney schools spokesman. The security guard then tells Carr about the incident, and she confronts the principal and superintendent, who give excuses for not punishing the girls. One shot showed a bikini-clad girl sharing a bottle of booze with a friend. The film premiered on August 2, 2008. But Jones's report takes plenty of others to task as well, from parents to police. McKinney North High school opened to its first freshman class in the … Not surprisingly, there were more incidents, including the night of the homecoming dance, when some of the cheerleaders arrived in a limo packed with students who had apparently been boozing.The pictures posted on looked like the latest installment of "Girls Gone Wild." Amid charges that Theret gave the girls preferential treatment, the school district launched a $40,000 investigation conducted by Jones in the fall. Brooke is pulled from the school by her mother, and the rest of the "Fab Four" are no longer allowed to cheer. As revenge for Jeri's ejection, the girls show the superintendent a picture of Carr hugging another teacher at the school and say the two have been having an affair. However, Carr doesn't get her job back from the school. "Lifetime Original Movie 'Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal' Builds Pyramid to Become Network's Top W18-34 and W12-17 Movie of the Year"After the story broke, Michaela Ward faced unemployment and "became ostracized", especially after her lawsuits.


Perhaps now that the reign of the Fab Five is over, they can. The new cheerleaders compete, and Carr discovers Cindy had written an essay about her, discussing how she stood up to the administration and stopped Fab Four from terrorizing their school, revealing that Carr did change things after all. The photos are at the heart of a scandal that has rocked McKinney, an affluent bedroom community north of Dallas. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. In October, she abruptly resigned and recounted her experiences with the girls to the media. 2. At the next practice session, the squad struggles to perform the In 2005, Michaela Ward was hired to teach geography and coach the cheerleading squad at "Mean Girls High: True Story of 'Texas CheerleadersSomething to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story"Laredo Independent School District hires Linda Theret""Lifetime has 'Five' spirit, yes they do" investigator reports that the allegations against the "Fab Four" and administrators are true and that Carr is innocent.