the power and the glory part 2: chapter 1 summary

The Power and the Glory Part 2: Chapter 1. A chance encounter with a beggar on the street might enable him to buy wine. Part 4 He says the Governor is displeased because there is still a priest who has not been caught. Seeing Brigitta point at the priest, the lieutenant is satisfied.

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Clearly the priest loves his daughter; according to the Catholic beliefs, dying in a state of sin risks one's eternal soul, particularly if the sins are serious, as the priest's are indeed.

The squad is led by a smartly dressed lieutenant. In Part 2, readers learn more about the priest largely through his own reflections: "He was a bad priest, he knew it." by School Yet once he keeps going, the mestizo follows him.
Plot Summary Brigitta is a strange child, "sharpened by hunger into an appearance of devilry and malice beyond her age." A squad of police makes its way through the town back to its barracks. Symbols Copyright Policy The priest thinks he is no better than the mestizo Become a Tutor

When he arrives, his sin becomes clear: he had a sexual relationship with a woman named Maria, and they have a six-year-old daughter, Brigitta, whom he has not seen since she was born. By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13.

iOS Privacy Policy He tries to ask the mestizo some questions about where to go next but gets limited answers. Part 1, Chapter 2 Summary The chapter opens in a police station and introduces a police lieutenant. - Author Biography He pins the photo up on the wall, next to a photograph of an American wanted for murder and bank robbery.

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Start Your Free Trial. Next The Power and the Glory ; Summary ; Part 2 chapter 3; Study Guide. By Graham Greene. This is what Greene means: "God was here in the body for the first time in six years." Chapter 1 College Life Find a summary of this and each chapter of The Power and the Glory!

The priest bargains with God for her soul: he will face "any kind of death—without contrition, in a state of sin—only save this child." The priest knows he is a failure, literally facing the personification of his failure when he meets his daughter, Brigitta. Study Guides Thus, he is willing to suffer for eternity to save Brigitta. He sits down in the Chief of Police’s chair and hands out sentences to petty criminals. Quotes Literature Summary Chapter 2 by Literature Title But, in his case are papers he needs, so he heads to the trash dump to find them. Course Hero. Refer Your Friends Close Search Education Summit

Copyright © 2016. The Chief returns, suffering from toothache.

The Power and the Glory

Next FAQ Scholarships He says the Governor is displeased because there is still a priest who has not been caught. -

The lieutenant, who hates priests, says they will catch him. Log in Chapter Summaries Our Honor Code

LinkedIn Chapter 4 External Internships Evading the Red Shirts drives the priest toward the place where he most wants to be: the home of his daughter, Brigitta, and her mother, Maria. Maria, too, finds her daughter nasty, and the narrator further describes the child as on the threshold of sin. He seems to have little feeling left for Maria, but he loves Brigitta, whom the narrator describes as "sharpened by hunger into an appearance of devilry and malice beyond her age." by Textbook Catholics believe the priest transforms bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Click to copy Contact Us