iinet nbn modem review

iinet review. So, we requested for a replacement. Thanks for sharing your review and the hot tip regarding 5GHz WiFi in some places. The speed tonight is down to 31kb and netflix is saying I don't have enough grunt to stop it buffering.and work with you on reaching a resolution: very much for taking the time to provide your feedback, Tony! It's always nice to hear when customers are happy, and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know.We can absolutely help with this, as this is taking too long and we do apologise.The connection to our property was quick and seamless. They sent the 3rd NBN Technician, 3rd technician said there is no problem with the line and blamed the Modem is really faulty. So, IINet sent a 3rd replacement modem, and yes. Such a great experience with the company. Rang iinet and spoke to their tech support. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from support to for all your needs including when the time comes for any changes to the infrastructure beyond the change to FTTN. Discontinued models have been superseded by newer models but are included for comparison.The router has a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port an NBN/cable/fibre modem can be attached to.Wireless speed score is derived from testing the speed of the local wireless network using line of sight (uninterruptred) between wireless router and client device. Callled another to change payment method, resolved by super friendly guy in one minute.

If you're getting a modem/router supplied by us, you can rest assured that it will be fully compatible with the type of NBN™ service you're receiving. Why was I told 3 times by 3 different people yesterday there was no fee and have a reference number for the RECORDED call to see I will not be charged a fee! We've had inconsistent, incorrect and nonexistent communications, failure to follow up on simple queries, refusal to act on explicit requests and lack of any meaningful complaints process even after being forced to lodge a complaint with the has affiliate partnerships. This requirement will be confirmed on-screen or over the phone when you sign up with us. I called back again and spoke to someone else who assured me the cancellation had gone to the appropriate team and I would receive a full refund. You can add on a modem or other extras such as call packs or entertainment. The people at the new telco are far more polite and helpful, and their modem actually DOES have the WiFi range that I required, that iiNet promised to deliver when they first called me to discuss moving from the ADSL system to the NBN broadband system, and that iiNet NEVER delivered. Didn't reach any solutions with they're team the original sale was false advertised to me have not used a single a mb of internet and being charged 600.ifferent outcome has been reached through discussion with our team already, it would be best to resume contact with the team to continue this discussion and reach a resolution.Thank you for bringing this to us, as we're always looking to help where we can....We're blown away by this, Tulster, thank you so much! Modem: NBN FTTB / FTTN: NBN FTTC: NBN HFC: NBN FTTP / Wireless / Satellite: Netgear RAX80 Netgear RAX120 Netgear … iinet service over the has been quick to respond. To hear that your 11 years with us have been so positive, along with your interactions with our team, its something that we are very proud of.We're sorry to hear this Sam, as we can only imagine that your experiences described here would've been very frustrating for you.Thank you Peter!

Now that iinet have amalgamated with Vodaphone it will be interesting if the same level of service and help is maintained? But for an extra $5 per month you can upgrade to speeds of 50Mbps, which is enough to support a family of four moderate internet users. My modem was up running on NBN within 3days with 90mbps speed. Or If I go the the longest way by going out of the estate and to the node its still no more than 500metres. Thanks very much for sharing your experience in this review! No phone issues and fetch tv well worth it.IiNet are always available with minimum wait times and take personal responsibility to follow up with any issues. - Talulties and we can only sincerely apologise - its not good enough on our part.ictment on your customer service systems and processes that the only way to get a further response from iiNet is through writing a negative review on a publicly assessable product review website.