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What kind of sasaeng behavior is that? Last year, the same thing happened to saesangs boarded the plane with bts. For gods sale, give them privacy and respect them. He seemed to be the most slender oneThe point about their heights is so interesting! Some people joke he resembles a horse - I see it at times in pictures but didn't really see it in person.Noooooo, don't tell me this. Your oppars aren’t gonna fall in love with you; move on.I just saw the video that a bighit staff posted of saesangs on the FREAKING SAME PLANE AS BTS!!! One of the biggest drawbacks to being so popular is having sasaeng fans who are willing to go any length to satisfy their obsession with their idols. V was waking behind him with a very cool, model-y feel and looked so good too!They look unreal in person. It’s going to be fun seeing his lifeless body hit the floor. Rap mon and hoseok are handsome. Jimin and jungkook looks the same to me.

THIS many saesangs boarded that plane with bts. The sasaeng ended up flying with the manager for the whole trip. Because nothing can happen to me on cc.” (Whoa this is on a different level of shitposting, starts like a 13yo Twitter/Tumblr post then gets references and even cites a scientific paper.people who give too much attention and love can hurt the celebrity. "I was surprised by how pale Suga was.

-A member of BTS is dating a non-idol (real tea) -Jimin and Jeongyong had a fling and ended it on bad terms. each member is different in their own special way. During a recent live broadcast on South Korean app VLIVE, BTS's V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, addressed some of the experiences the group has had with "scary" stalker fans.

At one point on stage while he was walking he threw his head back a little and stopped immediately and the way his hair shifted and a couple of the veins in his neck stood out for a moment was interesting to watch. He looks boyish and cute.

All BTS members are nice but yoongi seems to the most unapproachable. Maybe even better than the boys know themselves? Because im doing this right now if its possible. I saw them last summer at Red Carpet at kcon LA and i can confirm.Jungkook was super hyper the second time I saw him and he is so adorable!! I was surprised he wasn't that much taller than me.

Edit: wanted to add since he is my ub too: his presence and gaze is just...ahh. The boy group has had plenty of scary run-ins with To being chased down the streets, but fans are extremely worried about a recent incident that took place up in the air.While it hasn’t been confirmed that these are indeed Mnet “I-LAND” Announces Its Boy Group Will Be Called ENHYPEN—Here’s The Real Meaning Behind The NameBTS’s V Had ARMY Worried, But It Was All A Misunderstandinga big FUCK YOU to the sasaeng fans who got on the same plane as bts and quickly got off when the plane landed y'all are DISGUSTING If yall are planning to gift bts the private plane, tell me where to donate and how? He looks different irl only if you only notice him in his loud, extra moments on camera, if that makes sense.Press J to jump to the feed.

He’s been alive way too long and always getting in the way. When he walked by me I thought "This is it. He had his forehead covered, so he looked younger than he does when it's not covered. I enjoy dancing to their songs and provide comments about their albums (try to be unbiased when giving criticisms). BTS once went to Norway to have a relaxing time, but it got ruined once some BTS Gives Important Advice To “I-LAND” Trainees About Being IdolsBTS’s V Got So Caught Up In A Rant On “I-LAND”, RM Had To Snatch His Mic AwayIntroducing The Seven Members Of I-LAND’s Boy Group “ENHYPEN”BTS’s Jin Is Getting Trolled By Technology…AgainRM Shares A Painful Memory From BTS’s Pre-Debut Days On “I-LAND”During their plane ride back to South Korea, some SM Entertainment’s Performance Director Names The Agency’s Top 3 DancersHere’s Why Jessi Texts Yoo Jae Suk After Every Show To ApologizeStray Kids Bang Chan Tears Up When Revealing Why Felix Is So Precious To HimRM Was 200% Done With Being BTS’s Leader On “I-LAND”Mnet “I-LAND” Announces Its Boy Group Will Be Called ENHYPEN—Here’s The Real Meaning Behind The NameBTS’s Photographer Reveals What The Members Really Look Like Behind The CameraBTS’s V Had ARMY Worried, But It Was All A MisunderstandingEven though the BTS members tried to be polite when engaging with them, the

blackpink, redvelvet, kpop. BTS has also had to deal with several sasaeng fans from around the world due to their growing popularity. ?Firstly, they all look doll-like because of the makeup and how perfect their hair is.

-BTS Jungkook Email got it from a sasaeng but It's just a rumor (the name is so weird and retarded). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsAnd Jimin!

(About gazes, though, I feel like they've all got this amazing ability to just heard a lot of saying that Hoseok is reaaaaaally handsome irlIts hard because i was in shock as that was my first time ever seeing them IRL so i was trying to keep my soul attached to my body but seriously, they look amazing.Jimin was tiny and shy.