andromeda and perseus

20 Write a paragraph about the myth and draw the constellation. 8

Perseus argued that the surrender-to-her-death had invalidated the contract (and if he had really wanted her, why hadn't he slain the … 00:19 7 Recitativo accompagnato.


02:50 Afterward, however, during wedding preparations, the happy celebrating proved premature. This story of love is one we see often where the hero saves the girl. The Moral of the Story.

Releases Credits 00:21 13 06:10 Andromeda's fiance — the one from before her enchaining, Phineus, showed up demanding his bride. 00:20 14 00:08 01:02 03:06 Instantly he falls in love with her and they get married. Perseus and Andromeda returned to Greece, where the old prophecy that Perseus would kill his grandfather eventually was fulfilled. 12 06:54

17 03:01 Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn Polydectes into stone. 02:51 8 04:12 ©2020 AllMusic, Netaktion LLC 5