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"Optus to take control of NBN Co satellites""Arianespace To Launch Australian Satellite Optus D3""A short history of export control policy"On 21 May 2005 services were temporarily lost when the Primary Satellite Control Processor failed.

It took me 4 hours before I could speak to any one. "Orbital Awarded Contract For A Third Communications Satellite By Optus Of Australia"This is a list of the satellites operated by Optus B3 was launched as a replacement for Optus B2. Singtel Optus Pty Limited (commonly referred to as Optus) is an Australian telecommunications company headquarted in Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia. The 3G network of Yes Optus operates on 900/2100 MHz bands. I switched from Optus cable to NBN in April 20. Optus webmail is your free email service and your own username@optusnet.com.au address you can use on: This online service for webmail has all you need including: Mail, drafts, spam filter (for mail), folders and online storage

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel. For your 3G network you are free to choose from our single-band, dual or tri-band Optus signal boosters the one that completely meets your needs and demands.

Went to Optus Store to resolve billing issues overcharged was told they can’t help and gave number . Optus D2 replaced Optus B3, which had been in operation for 13 years at the time of D2's launch.

As you're porting your number from a service provider that uses the Optus network, you'll need to If you are trying to replace a SIM for your Optus Mobile Broadband device or don't have My Account, you can call our team to assist you further on 1300 760 026Your SIM card should auto-activate within 4 hours of delivery. They suspended my account..Then they demanded another $55 on July 4th despite paying them on 23rd June.

After the switched over, I tried ringing them back and was on hold for hours without able to speak to anyone.

Despite paying my account online $55 for month l kept getting text messages they had not received it. To rub salt into the womb, since switching the speed of my download is not much better then my old Optus cable even though I was supposed to get a faster download speed.

Success! Will not be dealing with Optus again and getting ripped off.Appalling, disgusting and careless attitude towards their clients of over 25 years. When Optus was granted a telecommunications carrier licence in 1991, it was bundled with the purchase of Aussat Pty Limited as part of the carrier licence deal.

Remember to restart your device regularly to check if activation has been completed.If your SIM card fails to activate after 4 hours of delivery, you can get help with your SIM activation by Last week I went into the store to ask about returning my old cable modems. All rights reserved.Excellent customer service, despite the COVID-19 situation. "National Broadband Network - Australia | NBN Co selects Optus to operate Long Term Satellites""Mission Update - Ariane 5's fourth launch of 2009 orbits the JCSAT-12 and Optus D3 payloads for two key Arianespace Asian-Pacific customers"Partially funded by the Australian Government (Defence Department) - Optus C1's use is shared between Defence and Telecommunications, in particular the supply of Television services to Australia. Enjoy a convenient internet connection either at home or on-the-go with our data-packed flexible 4G home internet plans.

I rang the activation team and explained that I want Ultra WiFi. The satellite was switched to use the Backup SCP in order to restore services. I continue with the problem, get charged and life goes on for that moron overseas because they continue to get paid for doing nothing in their pathetic non-customer service role. Thereafter the satellite continued to operate from the Backup SCP. I have reported this. I paid more $110 which covers 2 months. It seems to me that Optus staff doesn't know their own products and procedure in my dealings. Have rang so many times over the past 2 years for being charged so much extra for “Gig Add on charges” due to internet drop out all the time. internet download accelerator and many more.

Optus' satellites are divided into 4 classes A, B, C and D. As of April 2014 it owns and operates Optus B3, Optus C1, Optus D1, Optus D2 and Optus D3. Great to see Optus supporting those in healthcare or impacted by the bushfires too.Was on contract now month by month.

You should be up and running in less than 4 hours. It has been 3 weeks and still no phone call from the technician.

Optus is the second largest wireless telecommunications provider in Australia behind Telstra. You will see "Optus" next to the coverage bars once the SIM is active. Also some of these officials of these contact center are resorting to pratices of trying to find fault with lower staff to terminate them going to the extent playing back recorded calls via staff mobile phones and landlines for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and few other lapses which may have happened a few months back which a serious breach of data and privacy laws by the concerned officialYou can find the corporate office address and headquarters in Sydney, NSW 2113. If the answer is yes then your SIM may not activate automatically.

From my understanding both advises were wrong.