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Catholic historical review (2004) 90#3 pp: 473-496. online The main impetus was fear that exposure to Protestant teachers in the public schools, and Protestant fellow students, would lead to a loss of faith. NUNS PROPERLY SO CALLED.—Nuns properly so-called have solemn vows with a strict enclosure, regulated by pontifical law which prevents the religious from going out (except in very rare cases, approved by the regular superior and the bishop), and also the entrance of strangers, even females, under pain of excommunication.
The Mary J. Oates, "'Lowell': An Account of Convent Life in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1852-1890." The approbation for one monastery is not valid for another. The goal was to quickly open as many schools as possible.Another estimate gives 5000 in 1860, 22,000 in 1880, 90,000 in 1920 and 180,000 in 1950, with a peak in 1965 at 200,000.
(II. Starting in 1820, the sisters always outnumbered the priests and brothers.By the 1960s there was a growing lack of teaching sisters. The Creagh, Dianne. By 1860 45 orders had been added and there were over 5,000 sisters. The bishop approves the constitutions only in so far as they are in accordance with the rules approved by the IV. "Public presence, public silence: Nuns, bishops, and the gendered space of early Chicago."

The bishops put little emphasis on advanced training or education. Since the III. The treasurer general administers the property of the whole congregation.

The V. RELIGIOUS CONGREGATIONS AND PIOUS SOCIETIES UNDER PONTIFICAL AUTHORITY. We invite you to learn more about our active, faith-filled lives by reading our stories and frequently asked questions.

Ugly rumors spread to the effect that convents and nunneries were organized for the sexual pleasure of the male priests, with the corpses of dead babies buried underneath. VARIOUS KINDS OF NUNS.—(I) As regards their From the time of the Mendicant Orders, founded specially for preaching and missionary work, there was a great difference between the orders of men and women, arising from the strict enclosure to which women were subjected. St. Jerome made famous the monastery of St. Paula at Bethlehem. • Brosnan, Kathleen A.

The most important place to begin is to pray (or continue praying) about this call you sense.

In 1830 there was one sister-founded hospital in the U.S.. By 1860 there were 35. This rigorous enclosure usual in the East, was imposed on all nuns in the West, first by bishops and particular councils, and afterwards by the The superior general is elected for six or twelve years; in the former case she may be re-elected, but for a third consecutive term of six years, or a second of twelve years, she must receive two-thirds of the votes, and the consent of the When the persecutions of the third century drove many into the desert, the solitary life produced many heroines; and when the monks began to live in monasteries, there were also communities of women.

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religiou, In the period before the American Civil War, it was common for anti-Catholic Protestants to sponsor semi-pornographic lectures by ex-Catholic nuns. DIOCESAN CONGREGATIONS.—For a long time the bishops had great latitude in approving new congregations, and gave canonical existence to various charitable institutions. There were monasteries of virgins or nuns at Rome, throughout Italy, Gaul, Spain, and the West. In 1830 there were only 20 Catholic female academies in the U.S., by 1860 there were 201. This increase in numbers was accompanied by an increasing public awareness of Catholic women religious.In Chicago, some of the black children arriving from Louisiana were already Catholic, and were taught by Catholic sisters. By the 20th century, however, the demands for professionalism in nursing grew stronger; many Catholic hospitals opened nursing schools, and the students did much of the routine nursing care for patients. This is the only competent Congregation since the reform of the After the novitiate the religious cannot at first, according to the decree “Perpensis” of May 3, 1902, take any but simple vows whether perpetual or for a year only, if it is customary to take annual vows. As a rule there should be only one ordinary confessor, who should be changed every three years. Some American Catholics came to the defense of American The first women religious in what would become the United States, were fourteen French "A Short History of the Sisters of Charity, Emmitsburg Area Historical society"Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-WoodsCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike LicenseSisters of Charity Federation in the Vincentian-Setonian TraditionThe Americanization of new immigrants was a major role for the teaching sisters especially with the arrival of the Italians, Poles and others from Eastern and Southern Europe in the late 19th century, and the arrival of Hispanics after 1960. In the 19th century the women generally saw the religious role as paramount, with their service to God expressed through their nursing or teaching or other activities. In order to avoid an excessive increase in their number, Pius X by his The bishop appoints the ordinary confessor, also the extraordinary or additional confessors of monasteries subject to him, and approves the confessor nominated by the regular prelate of a monastery subject to a First Order.