life is too intense

People suck. To me, life is serious, and it is next to impossible for me to let go of that position…It is quite a tough one to learn. Thank you!Yes! Do you feel uncomfortable in areas that are basically all White People?The following errors occurred with your submissionDo you ever feel uncomfortable/dissonant being a creature or flesh and blood?Sensory processing disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis analysis is applied to questions concerning why people are embarrassed and disgusted by their bodies' functions;Asperger syndrome and neuroscience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPerhaps it's related to "Intense World Theory"-Body atlas shows where we feel our emotionsFleeing the Body: A Terror Management Perspective on the Problem of Human Corporeality That’s a form of ‘magical thinking’ that our defender types play so that they can continue to feel in control, so they can ward off attack of the younger more vulnerable ones. Do discuss with your therapist about their boundaries and rules around scheduling, and see if they can provide you with flexible and warm support at a pace and in ways that suit you.Without sufficient understanding, many intense children simply withdraw from their surroundings as a coping strategy and end up being perceived as being shy and timid.Experiencing obsessive-compulsive behaviours to assert a sense of control.You think in terms of images and metaphors; poetry and visual language come naturally to you.Other people do not get your humour, leaving you feeling socially awkward.Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly DucklingRelationships Challenges For Intense PeopleYou may have spent your entire life trying to appear ‘normal’, ‘okay’, and hiding the pain you feel.

Don’t bring it up at the end of a long work day (for her).

Honestly, life is short and while I hate debt, I don’t recommend being gazelle intense at the expense of living your life. Which is 100% fair! It is hard for me to just take the time to play with my dog, take her for a walk, or relax. I want to feel whole and worthy and I thank you for your insights. I recently went through a breakup with someone I thought felt as intensely about me as I did about them, but did not. You are responsive to a new idea only when you are worked with collaboratively, rather than being pushed to accept certain conclusions. I consider them very unqualified. The word “intense” seems to carry negative connotations in our society. Thank you for so clearly defining what my family saw as my ” problem”. He performs with intensity.

Maybe you are qualitatively different from someone who is less intense, but that does not make you any better or worse. When I feel; I feel deeply! When you write how you feel it truly helps. But, no suprpise, there was always someone who disapproved anyway.I see it in my son. They should take considerable time to understand your present and past experiences, your expectations, strengths, and weaknesses.You are a perfectionist— setting standards that are not shared by others around you.Perhaps you have kept your gifted adult trauma a secret all these years but have finally realised that you want some external support in order to cope. I know most people my age aren’t focused on finding love, but if I’m honest with myself I am. Hence I’ve had problems speaking up for myself and defending myself; I became a people pleaser, co-dependent and abused wife. I do think our intensity is often a protection from our pain and hurt.

And we know we can’t sustain it. What works for others does not seem to work for you: the conventional job, the corporate ladder, cognitive behavioural therapy, the stable and secure relationship.
on February 19, 2019 at 12:33 am Thank you for your comment Jennifer. You are putting resources into optimising your one and only life so that you can become the best version of yourself with no regrets.All your life, you have thought that there is something wrong with you. We need it.

Some of those things are that I am an intense, particular, emotional, and somewhat obsessive person. Alongside their intellectual rigour, many intense people possess a high level of‘Super-hero syndrome’ — feeling that you can do it all, and struggling to delegate.Not being able to enjoy the activities, books, or TV that most people enjoy.Using alcohol, drugs, food or other behaviours to self-soothe or temper the angst you feel.Experiencing deep existential depression and loneliness as no one shares your ideas or concerns.Many gifted children have difficulty making friends with peers. This will happen with much smaller things, though. on February 20, 2018 at 10:28 pm Don’t focus on not being something. Deep Loneliness: Finding true peers or a romantic partner is often a challenge for a gifted adult. They help.So why do we feel we should not be “intense” if that means we are showing great enthusiasm?