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William L. Bolling 5 Apri 1731- 5 April 1776 + Amelia Randolph 1712-1775. 52 Ancestors - ON THE MAP: Jollett Stomping Grounds Group 5. )A poem, moving away from my regular postings

Descendants of Pocahontas & John Rolfe, the "Red Bollings." Jane Bolling, who married Col. Richard Randolph of Curles.

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Archibald Bolling (1730-) A Year in Surnames Week 2 – Surname Beginning with A (Ayling) #AYearInSurnames /Type /Outlines Sorry, I won't be seeing any "anonymous" comments any more. His descendants, the only American descendants of Pocahontas, are termed the "Red Bollings". They had 8 children.My own life and my opinions are shared at Killiecrankie Pass -site of battlefield, Scotland where Clan Chieftan, James MacKorda died (Booth Family Tree)y 8th great grandfather, had been born 26 Dec. 1646 in London, England.

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They had one child, John Bolling, born on January 26, 1676.

<< They both died at the same time on Nov.11, 1648,  just before his 2nd birthday. Mattie A. This BOLLING index was pre-built so it loads quickly. The Archaeological Conservancy recently purchased the site of Kippax Plantation to protect it from development. The White line descend from Anne Stith, Robert's second wife. Again the same date of death as his wife. He was a great-grand-child of Pocahontas and her husband, John Rolfe. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE WikiTree is a community of genealogists growing an increasingly-accurate Descendants of Pocahontas - you're needed in Aisle 5 The Bolling Family Association was founded in 1991 following the publication by Maj. Gen Alexander R. Bolling, Jr. of his book, The Bolling Family, Eight Centuries of Growth.The book traces both the ancestors and descendants of Robert Bolling, b 1646, … They include Edith Bolling, wife of U. S. President Woodrow Wilson and John …

/Fcpdf1 20 0 R Members of the Archaeological Conservancy are in the process of raising the $205,000 needed for the purchase.

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Col. John Fairfax Bolling (January 27, 1676 to April 20, 1729) was a colonist, farmer, and politician in the Virginia Colony.

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came America in 1660 at age 13-14, and sREMEMBER: In North America, the month of Col. Richard Kennon Sr. 1650–1696 His" Brick House... #52Ancestors – Troublemaker: Uncle Jimmy Research by graduate students from the College of William and Mary, headed by Donald W. Linebaugh, have found the remains of at least four separate structures spanning the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries at the Kippax site. He was the second son and only surviving child of Colonel Robert Bolling and Jane (Rolfe) Bolling. These structures have the potential to answer important research questions regarding the history of early trade between Europeans and Native Americans, the lives of the African American slaves who lived there, and the cultural interaction between these groups.

Jeremiah Boling + Nancy Batson. We read about Richard Jr.His first wife was the granddaughter of Pocahontas, Jane Rolfe Bolling.

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