jikook or taekook

"Well it's really nice to meet you cutie and I hope you enjoy your time here. Jungkook and Taehyung can also be seen to play and joke with each other almost everytime they are with each other.Finally, I generally don't ship it at all, but I must admit That they'd make a very powerful couple and would always be there for one another is a protective way.I myself have been in many arguments about the couple with some close friends and I'm honestly thinking that it's ridiculous how conflicted people get over them, but I'm no different. "I'm Kim Taehyung and you must be the new kid," I said while holding my hand out for him. I look forward to being your friend," I said before giving him my famous square smile and then walking away.

31. "I don't get how someone can be so cute?" Into ARMY's? I just sat there kind of dumbfounded waiting for Jimin to return and feeling slightly jealous. When spending time with each other they usually like to keep it with themselves as they sometimes only communicate with each other, instead of calling the other members to join their games. 0. Tae, I want him so bad," he whined to me. Neither « » Share answers with author. Then the bell finally rang so we got up to head to class. Share. His name is Jeon Jungkook and he's a first year. Jungkook has said that "Jimin Hyung is so nice, and when he smiles his eyes are pretty. He almost seems like a needy puppy that needs love and all of the world's attention when he's messing around to get Taehyung to play with him.Taehyung loves to cling on to any member, but is very often seen trying to get, or give Jungkook a piggy back ride and it's kinda childish, but very cute when Tae pouts over being ignored. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask," I said while giving his hand a little kiss. "Well, I'll see you in 4th period!" Little Kisses For The Pretty Florist (Taekook) He questioned as he looked to where I nodded towards. Vkook (Good answer) VHope. Description: Jimin and Tae have been best friends for the longest time now, but not anymore. The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars (Sopekook) More Comments . "Huh?" Tae yelled at me before heading down the hall. Not only that, but they can be sometimes seen whispering to each other secretly and giving each other surprise hugs!I didn't make this 'small' blog for fun, I'm asking all of ARA who they seem to like best, and I'll share my opinion on both couples (Note: I prefer Jikook, but I will give fair opinions for the loveable couples)The two couples have been rivals between many ARMYs who think the couple would make a beautiful pair of lovers.First, before I start why I like them and why they'd make beautiful lovers, I want you guys to watch this video (you don't need to, if you don't want to), I suggest it because it points out a few things about the relationship between Jimin and Jungkook, like interactions and conversations Okay, finally I just think that they would make a beautiful set of lovers, for their caring natures of each other, as Jimin helped Jungkook through his trainee days and they both still practice non stop together (along with Hobi) and it's just a sweet pairing in my opinion.Anyways I generally and genuinely just love how easily they seem to scare the other with simple eye contact and sometimes when they're having a staring contest they always smile admiringly at the other until something drags them away from their pleasant stares.Thanks for reading 'till the end, and I'll soon link a poll to this, so everyone can choose wisely on who they'd prefer and unfortunately polls only last 30 days, so if you guys wouldn't mind voting, how about liking, commenting and sharing, so more of ARA can get the chance to decide which is best! I don't have any recollection of them completing each other, or such, but Junkook always seems to be nicest around Taehyung and trying to get his attention half the time. Jimin has once stated that "When I'm usually stressed out, it kinda builds inside of me and I don't know how to deal with it, but it helps when Jungkook makes me laugh" and yes there in the video there are many examples of Jungkook trying and succeeding at making Jimin laugh, giggle, chuckle, etc and it's really sweet that he'd go to lengths to see Jimin happy. Then we both just sat there looking like idiots staring at this poor kid who's literally the most adorable human being ever, I swear. But Jungkook has been seen to dislike the other members teasing Jimin (in the video there is a scene where Jungkook is kinda stopping Hobi from teasing Jimin with food, as he snatches it away from Hoseok and feeds it to Jimin, while smiling). TAEKOOK IS REAL JIKOOK WAS CONFIRMED AS BROTHERS.

Read more . SOPHIE BTS A-R-M-Y. Send to Friend. A book where I'll be putting all of my random BTS ship oneshots in. he have fun! After the two both fell for the new kid, Jungkook, they've started a war against each other on who should get him. Well there are many ways I could explain why, but the simplest would be the way they look at each other, it's cheesy, yes, but Jimin and Jungkook can be caught staring at each other for very long periods of time. 0 Reply 12/18/19. Share via Email Report Story Send. 12. "Well I have to get going now, so see you around bunny.