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Jungkook is still sixteen, Jimin is still eighteen and they are both underage as far as South Korean law is concerned.

Jikook fic recs masterpost Hi everyone!

His bones broke under the power of a large claw, the snarls of the beast shuddered through his entire being. Jimin is the hot bartender who saves his ass and then fucks it.

Tired of the disrespect, he plans on quitting or getting the promotion that’s available. “Jungkook. Bookmarker's Tags: Jikook; Fave jikook fics; Bookmarker's Collections: best of jikook; Bookmarker's Notes. Does anyone know this fic? He’s

BTS, which means Jimin has to give him a kiss on the cheek every day for one month.this fic is so so fluffy but also is not afraid to push the limits of what might happen so it's very fun and enthrallingHe'd probably be utilizing his win to tease the hell out his favorite hyung. Jungkook sighed out a, “come to my office, Park.”this blog is a collection of jm and jk fan-fictions i’ve read and want to keep track of because my reading list on my phone is getting too long lol. rating: general audiences . In other words, Jimin is always berated by his asshole boss, Jungkook. For Death Dealer Jimin, his orders had always been the same: hunt the lycans, kill them off. How are you all so talented .. I’m really thankful for people who share their fics with us. 29 Sep 2019. But whatever the reason, Jimin starts to not care anymore.A masterpiece, but when is something by flitter not?i'm also a sucker for vampire fics (hah) so there's thatJungkook and Jimin can't seem to step back from each other's throats.Jungkook is straight, and Jimin isn’t interested. )i love this fic so much and am so sad it's not completed yet...but the 2/3 of it currently up is amaaaazingit's a jk centric fic involving the internet so expect memesedit: i just found out this is the 2nd jikook fic on this site...and Merixcil has been there since the beginning, even before this fic...mad respectbonus chapter is pwp and well nerds in love tbhIt’s not without a certain amount of professional and personal horror that Jeon Jungkook realizes that he has a crush.

Most of them contain smut, angst, violence, non-con, the list goes on. Jungkook’s conceptual photography professor gives him a new assignment, and he finds a unique muse. mainly ao3. Jimin lets him.“Do you think I look beautiful?” he asks, dropping his arms and walking closer to Jimin. Hello!

mainly ao3. “Because I would totally go down on you.”Jimin

If only they were together – but don't tell Jimin that.one of my favorite fics. “I demand you return me to my pack immediately!” the small omega screams at him, stomping the floor in frustration. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the He can’t believe this little thing is still trying to go against him when he’s literally the only thing between him and a pack full of bloodthirsty wolves.Vampires and lycans have been at war for centuries. Fic recs part 2!.

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mainly ao3.


There was black fur, glowing yellow eyes and sharp fangs. word count: 16736 (one shot). 277k ratings Despite the fact that Jungkook saved Jimin’s life, he’s still also a thief—more talented than the ones he just raided, maybe, but still a thief.It may sound complicated, but thinking like that allowed Jimin to sleep at night without his heart aching.

links (Jikook fic rec) Move Your Body ; Jimin has nothing on his mind but practice, and Jungkook has ways of getting into places he shouldn't be. Neither of them give their surnames, but they both know better than to ask. is an assassin hired to manipulate and kill Park Jimin, a CEO of a big Organization for Transformative Works Jungkook only snorts, unamused. word count: 16736 (one shot).

Except for one minor detail – Jungkook is unfortunately, ridiculously in love with Jimin.All he knows is that Jimin likes fruity little drinks.Jimin and Jungkook start out rooming together for practical purposes and soon discover the full benefits of having each other aroundIt takes one day in the cafeteria to make Jimin realize that all those boners Jeongguk has been sporting around him might mean something more than friendship. Jimin opens his mouth, closes it.

some of these i’ve recommended already but i’ll put them here for the sake of others who may encounter this fic rec! jimin knows that, but what he’s