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If you had slept early you would’ve been awake at 9 instead of resume sleeping with jimin until 12. kook-jimin tennouuu also i have a headcanon the jungkook moans in his sleep sometimesbut since jk sleeps with jimin every night.. there must be some type of cuddling in order for them to both fit on the bed… It’s late I know, but I just had to, because Jikook fanart is a must for valentine’s day!ready to go home and cuddle if ya know what i mean Jungkook said the reason they woke up late during the trip to japan was because jimin had stayed up all night and played with his phone. gotmeolk Im telling you maknae line sleep in a cuddle pile

Six years being together and never once they spent valentine’s day together, going on a date like most people do, and never once Jimin complains. Made in Busan 314,441 views. fxck-jikook Hope you enjoy the fics! so many that went to the concert today said that jimin wasn’t leaving his side at all and jungkook did the same at that time when jimin couldn’t perform, too. Also, happy holidays, happy to see you back!because jimin just wants to cuddle in the morning inbtswethrrust

busansmilk It's where your interests connect you with your people. You’re all-nighter buddies. and then jimin saying that if jungkook goes home this way, all he’ll do is cry and making armys shout i love you to him. jiminiekookie5813 -And Jungkook would sneaks in beside him, caressing his hair, muttering a sincere apology for leaving Jimin alone on such a special day. today’s valentine’s day? bangtan-chats-and-memes jungkooks hair shade is so hard to draw -.- Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. ggukminii can you guys tell I've figured out how to us the glow effect?-”I know,” Jimin says before he falls asleep, and Jungkook smiles against Jimin’s pink hair, right, just like this, sleeping with the one he loves, it already feels more like valentine than any valentine he knows. BTS Jikook moments in Season's Greetings 2016 [cuts] - Duration: 3:35. sleepyowlwrites sobs if only I had cuties like them to cuddle with haha koookie -And every year Jimin would say the same thing, “what? i just really adore them and i’m so soft :((and just caging him in his arms and taking care of him

Jikook Are Getting Hella Bold Lately | Boy with Love Era - Duration: 12:40. he cares so much about jungkookie and ofc vice versa, there for you is really a song made for them. someone make me a fic about how jimin loves being in jungkook's bug armsA ko-fi request from anon for some fluff in the tent… and what’s fluffier then jikook laughing in each others arms? Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. jimin was almost next to him the whole time especially after jungkook started crying and when they started performing anpanman, he always stood by his side. BTS's Jungkook and Jimin have taken over Twitter's top trends yet again, thanks to a cuddly new "JiKook" photo that's warming fans' hearts. 12:40. myra-km we all know how much they care about each other. b-alla jacqthehermit -And Jungkook would also say, “tomorrow too, tomorrow is also valentine’s day,” -It’s nice really, making pretty and delicious cake has always been Jungkook’s dream anyway. ?Do you have any bed sharing fics? Jikook Cuddling And Went Viral on Twitter (Reaction) - YouTube jiminpoppins -He considers himself lucky to have Park Jimin as his boyfriend, the little guy who has a heart of gold sent from heaven for him. sugafulhope -If there is one thing Jungkook hates about his job is that he can’t spend his valentine’s day with the one he loves like any other people.Oh i forgot. What did you think of the picture? myjaebutt -But every valentine’s night when Jungkook finally done with his job after selling the last piece of cake he would go back home to Jimin who’s almost fall asleep waiting for him. Don’t forget to comment if you did <3couples that laugh together stay togetherjimin said jk hugs him to sleep every night Jikook Valentine’s Day obviously this is the first thing they did when they got in- Before and during valentine’s day are the busiest time for Jungkook’s little bakery shop.today has proven once again how much of a deep bond they share, i hope they will always be happy together.But jungkook, what about you? rosyjimiin-archive lq-jikook im sure jm will give jk all the kisses and cuddles he deserves I thought it was yesterday, or the day before that, or before that, because it sure feels like it is,” and he snuggles closer to Jungkook.this dead looks like secret boyfriends after a long night at the clubA quick doodle, this is what happens in the hotel when Jimin and Kookie are abroad, they would sneak in secretly :)i have so much to say about jikook’s beautiful relationship, i don’t know where to start. Or, perhaps you accompanied him all night? i swear this is so cute my jikook heart can’t handle it anymore — jikook-babies (@JiminieTitties) April 1, 2020. Smutty or fluffy, doesn't matter to me.