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So when you type, the web browser retrieves the server Sometimes the broadband will be slow or inoperative due to a problem with the provider, the telephone/fibre/cable line, or the wireless network.

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Ideally, it should be in a central point in your home, away from walls and other electronics which could interfere such as cordless phones and large appliances.switching to a different internet providerFlood of new streaming video services could turn viewers toward piracyThe first step to fixing slow broadband is testing your current broadband speed, and comparing it against the speed you should be receiving.

I’m amazed that it ever works at all. A Wi-Fi toolbox app for smartphones (such as A Domain Name System (DNS) server is used to translate web site URLs to IP addresses.

Some applications, especially file-sharing software, can use a lot of bandwidth.If you signed up for a broadband service within the last few years, you should have received an estimated speed. It’s not so convenient for portable devices, but for desktop computers, games consoles or anything else that doesn’t move around much a wired connection is often best.Powerline adapters offer an easy way to create a wired network without having cables strung around your home.In this guide, we’ll look at ways of speeding up slow internet, examine the common faults which can affect broadband and phone lines, and help you troubleshoot these issues, so you don’t have to wait in a queue for tech support.How to speed up your internet: quick fixes for common problemsIt’s not necessary to pay for anti-virus software.

Is the telephone cable securely in the socket?

These are often necessary for the site to function properly and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in our Slow broadband can have all kinds of causes, from technical faults to limitations of the service to problems outside the ISP's control.Because Wi-Fi can be accessed outside your home, it’s essential to secure the Wi-Fi router properly. Speak to your current provider before doing anything else. Slow broadband speed causes are often down to where you live. Select the most appropriate frequency for your home - 2.4GHz for coverage and range, 5GHz for speed. Viruses and adware can also cause your computer to slow considerably which can make your broadband seem slow… Game over? 5GHz is faster and less prone to interference, but has a shorter range and may not be supported by older devices.If you’ve eliminated technical faults as the cause of slow broadband, it may be time to think about an upgrade.If your ISP can’t offer anything better, it’s time to look at what else is out there. At peak times, you could find that the service is noticeably slower. Instead, you can Many modern home broadband routers are dual-band, which means they support both frequencies.

Check that the problem is not occurring only with one phone - this is a problem with the phone rather than the line. To get started, enter your postcode into our Getting started with broadband: How to set up Wi-FiHyperoptic, Post Office, Sky & Zen top broadband speed chartsBroadband Genie's helpline is powered by Dixons Carphone.This is an IT cliché for a reason - power cycling hardware or restarting software is often a quick and easy fix. Re: Why is my broadband speed so slow They can be caused by many onsite/premise factors such as the positioning of a router, the condition/specification of your equipment onsite and the WiFi channel a router is using.

Some applications, especially file-sharing software, can use a lot of bandwidth.How fast is my broadband? Sometimes Ensure all devices connected to the phone line have a micro-filter fitted (if the phone point is not pre-filtered). Speak to the provider or check their online service status. Gamers disagree with Stadia price modelPassword chaos: we’re hopeless when it comes to secure passwordsBroadband Genie, and some associated third party tools, use cookies.

Free AV applications (such as Whether it's slow, intermittent, or not working at all, there are few things more frustrating than a dodgy broadband internet connection! The router could also be old, and lack support for faster data transfer speeds, in which case Wi-Fi is undoubtedly useful, but it can often be the cause of slow broadband.

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Sometimes a Wi-Fi outage will occur for no clear reason, but often it can be fixed by simply disconnecting and reconnecting Wi-Fi on the device or by restarting the router.Poor router security could allow unauthorised use of your broadband connection, slowing it down for everyone else.Guide to automatic broadband and landline compensationKeep anti-virus up to date and scan regularlyWeak Wi-Fi signal can be improved by repositioning your Wi-Fi router. Imagine are currently the best available broadband provider in our area. They can make life very difficult, and even cost money if you rely on the internet for work. Speed on the 2.4Ghtz setting is relatively slow 24Mbs down and 25Mbs up but speed using the 5Ghtz is much faster at around 120Mbs down and 25Mbs up. And my speeds seem to be getting slower by the day. Rather than the average speed figures used in broadband advertisements, this is a far more accurate representation of real-world performance. As with dial tone issues, remove all other device connected to the phone points and plug into the test socket. I do hope that Imagine improve their speed to at least 1Gbs download. Sorry.

Having up to date and operational anti-virus software is crucial as viruses, trojans and worms can use your broadband connection which can make your speeds seem to slow. Broadband and wi-fi; My broadband is slow; What connection are you using? If you need faster broadband…

Software updates - particularly operating system patches - can also generate a lot of network traffic and will often run automatically.