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Check out this tutorial on how to use both applicationsThis website uses cookies to improve your experience. Testen Sie Ihre Verbindungsbandbreite überall auf der Welt mit diesem interaktiven Breitbandgeschwindigkeitstest Do you have an un-secured Guest wireless network?Is it due to Imagine Broadband congestion?This is probably the most common reason for Imagine broadband performance problem in your area and is more common for internet broadband connections that are delivered via phone lines.When was the last time you upgraded your Imagine broadband router?Connected to wifi but no internet connectionIf you find that you have Wi-Fi black holes in your house, then a Wifi extender aka a Wi-Fi Booster is the solution to boost your signal. It’s always useful to be able to test the speed of your broadband connection, especially if you feel like it is under performing. Looking for more detailed information? Help us improve the information on the page. A broadband speed test will be performed and give you a live reading of your current download speed.

You could rule out the Wifi network being the cause of the problem by connecting your computer directly into the Imagine broadband router using an ethernet cable and run the Imagine speed checker again.Both apps will scan your Wi-Fi network and show you a list of the connected devices.Place the Wi-Fi network booster/extender where your Wifi network signal from the Imagine broadband router is starting to become weak.

Neighbors could be using your wirelessi network and using up all your Imagine bandwidth downloading/uploading or even streaming netflix! Is it your Imagine broadband that is slow or is it your device (PC/laptop/phone)?The Imagine and openreach infrastructure is constantly being upgraded to support new features (some customer facing and others internal). Imagine Telecommunications Ltd is an internet service provider which operates in Ireland. This test is more relevant to assess real Internet connection quality than ISP sponsored test since those typically test against a server within the ISP and do not test real Internet speed. On any other device you could try restarting the device which should hopefully terminate all apps that may have been running in the background.How to use ookla internet broadband speed test to test your Imagine connectionIf speed improves when you are connected using an ethernet cable then this proves that the issue could be with the Wi-Fi network connection setup.How to troubleshoot Imagine broadband internet performance

Broadband Plans; Add-on; Support . The good news is that testing your broadband speed is really easy to do! Be the first to rate this page. Ensure that your Imagine broadband router has the latest software.This should hopefully give you some information to work with in terms of if the issue lies with your device or the Imagine broadband connection.If you cannot do this, contact Imagine and they will be able to either do this for you or talk you through how to do it depending on the Imagine router model you have.Have you checked that your wireless network password has not been compromised? Speed test; Compare broadband; Speed in my area; Get your own test; Broadband data; License; Contact Us; Blog; reports; Imagine Telecommunications Ltd Speed Test. 12 or 24 months contract.

Use your mobile phone to determine where this is.Most Imagine broadband routers will allow you to carry out the software update by logging into the Imagine broadband router and simply clicking a button to perform the update. (from 22-02-2018 to 22-08-2018). Broadband speeds are “up to” and depend on location, network usage, your devices and Wi-Fi capability and other factors. Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla Approxiametly where your wireless network signal drops down to two bars. Results based on tests in last 6 months The download, upload and ping test will be performed to the closest server available near your location. For a more accurate reading, run the Speedtest twice Non-standard install additional charges may apply. Your broadband, your CYO Broadband Experience. CYO (Create Your Own) and choose the data and speed to suit your needs! Check our crowdsourced dataAverage results for Imagine Telecommunications LtdThe speed test on this page will test the quality of Imagine Telecommunications Ltd network only, if you are connected through it. Superfast broadband for regional and rural Ireland. Introducing Dream Broadband with better value, more data and at faster speeds. Information on how to fix issues with your Imagine broadband can be below. This can make your connection appear faster than it really is. This will mean that test will also be influenced by other factors such as quality of interconnection of Imagine Telecommunications Ltd with Internet backbone. Speed Test.

Simply click the button labelled “Go”. 100 GB $ 35 /month* speed up to 20 MBPS $ 45 /month* speed up to 50 MBPS. Skip links. Engineer installation and connection charge €150. If you cancel the service, the equipment remains the property of imagine. We're sorry that this page was not useful for you. They are readily available online from around £15.The cause of the issue could be your wireless connection and not the Imagine broadband internet connection.6 Quick Steps to Fix Your Vodafone BroadbandDNS hack to speed up internet browsing on Imagine5 Ways to Speed Up Your Imagine Internet Speed in your areaInternet Broadband Reviews and Guides © 2020 | You can get this info by checking a Imagine bill or contact Imagine to confirm this information. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.If you’re unsure if this is applicable to you, you should contact Imagine who will be able to run the relevant connection checks to see if there is a issue on the Imagine broadband connection.Best broadband and TV deals with BT sport Click on a star to rate it. Broadband.