how effective are grimke's arguments

On the other hand, her points differed because they did not involve an appeal to her audience's religious sentiments, they involved an appeal to their reason. In 1839, they published There are few things which present greater obstacles to the improvement and elevation of woman to her appropriate sphere of usefulness and duty, than the laws which have been enacted to destroy her independence, and crush her individuality; laws which, although they are framed for her government, she has had no voice in establishing, and which rob her of some of her essential rights. Or, simply grab Your review should try to convince the reader why your claim is the most significant.An effective argument requires substantial evidence to support your ideas or thoughts. What does it tell you about the acceptance of women into the political sphere? How effective are Grimke's arguments? received from your tutor.Choose a live or written lesson, then tutors will message you to discuss setting up a lesson.You will no longer have access to these tutoring offers. In response to a letter from a group of ministers who cited the Bible in reprimanding the sisters for stepping out of "woman's proper sphere" of silence and subordination, Sarah Grimke' wrote Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Woman in 1838. Letter XII, Legal Disabilities of Women: When her brother Thomas went off to law school at Yale, Sarah remained at home, feeling that she was alone in her questioning the treatment of women, particularly in respect to education, and the institution of slavery.

Financing the trip themselves, the sisters visited sixty-seven cities, breaking new ground for women as public speakers. They did not seek special treatment for women or African Americans, but simply the equal opportunity to succeed. Sarah then began working towards becoming a member of the Quaker clergy, but she was continually discouraged by male members of the Philadelphia Society of Friends. What are the similarities? Using a Kantian ethical argument that opposes using humans as means rather than as ends in themselves, she noted that historically “woman has … been made a means to promote the welfare of man” (Ceplair 209). Meanwhile, in the country at large, explosive events were taking place. Describe the obstacles and limitations each faced that normally would hinder the making of these speeches. The examination shows how the evidence relates to the other ideas in your argument. Supporting your ideas or arguments with relevant facts, evidence, or examples improves your essay’s credibility and reliability. How is her message to Southern women different from the Philadelphia address? What are the similarities? On February 21, 1838 Grimké spoke to the joint special committee of the Massachusetts General Court charged with responding to the large number of … Your first lesson is FREE! Close On August 30, 1835, she wrote a letter that would change the sisters’ lives forever. address? What does the burning of Philadelphia Hall by a mob tell you about abolitionist sentiments in the North in the 1830s?

A weak thesis statement is often not clear and is vague, making it challenging for the reader to grasp the direction and your position in the argument.A strong introduction to your arguments needs to relay background information so that the readers can have an accurate and more in-depth understanding of your claims. Following the Civil War, the family moved to Hyde Park in Boston, Massachusetts, where they joined and served as officers of the Massachusetts Women’s Suffrage Association. Within a month of her return and against her mother’s wishes, Sarah moved permanently to Philadelphia and joined the Quaker Society of Friends. The first woman permitted to practice law in America was In the summer of 1837 Sarah and Angelina began a twenty-three week lecture tour in support of the abolitionist movement, unheard of for women of the time.

The title spells out the argument of the Letters; it is basically a theological argument for women's rights.

Her father supposedly remarked that if Sarah “had not been a woman, she would have made the greatest jurist in the land.” Lett VIII, On the Condition of Women in the United States: As a result of their new-found friends and activities, the sisters moved to Providence, Rhode Island, to be with a more liberal group of Quakers. (You can set one up Interested? “Slavery was a millstone about my neck, and marred my comfort from the time I can remember myself.” Woman has been placed by John Quincy Adams, side by side with the slave… I thank him for ranking us with the oppressed; for I shall not find it difficult to show, that in all ages and countries, not even excepting enlightened republican America, woman has more or less been made a means to promote the welfare of man, without due regard to her own happiness, and the glory of God as the end of her creation… Angelina remained in Charleston, attempting to convert friends and family members, but the time finally came when she could no longer tolerate living with slavery.