high school musical mandela effect

I work. If you haven’t picked up one of these chocolate bars in ages, you may not have noticed.Well, that didn’t stop Kellogg from naming their cereal brand “Froot Loops.” While it makes creative sense that the double o’s would mimic the word “loops,” people still believe the cereal once had the correct spelling.In April 2012, Mike and Ike made headlines because its ad campaign featured the popular duo “breaking-up.” But, the little joke about the candy isn’t the only thing catching people’s eye.“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Well, it’s not likely he’s going to tell you when you address him wrong.5 Nina Simone Civil Rights Songs You Need to HearPhoto via Instagram / @official_judge_judyPhoto via Instagram / @wilder.gene.officialWhile that circular shape and play on the word onion was also once emphasized in the title “Funyons,” it now no longer exists.

The movie also never existed.We swear we’re not making this up. In reality, they had green flags.The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large number of people have a false memory about an event or fact. The Mandela Effect Quiz! The Mandela Effect is a GROUP of people realizing they remember things differently than is generally known to be fact.More posts from the MandelaEffect communityCookies help us deliver our Services. People claimed they recalled news clips and TV coverage of Nelson’s funeral.

He is shown again in another clip or two. From Alice in her iconic blue dress to the Cheshire Cat, the characters have been reproduced in tons of memorabilia and even This may be another case of people commonly misspelling a difficult name, but people swear they remember Mahatma, the Indian civil rights leader’s, last name as Ghandi.This may be another case of purposely misspelling a title to garner a trademark. ( Quote: I see White People) Apparently never said. The actual color is a yellowish green.Sinbad himself said he never played the character. He doesn’t sing, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” Instead he says, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.”ENTITY did some research about the conspiracy taking the internet by storm and found 50 mind blowing (and infuriating) examples.People remember Pixy Stix spelled like a fairy’s sugary treat. The term Daylight Saving Time is also saving the use of the second “s.” That’s right, it was never Daylight Savings Time.When Jaws shows up for the first time in this iconic scene, he says, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” instead of “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”The cereal doesn’t contain real fruit, so maybe it’s a good thing the title isn’t misleading.While discussing history with her husband, one woman discovered she believed the tank By providing the information below you will receive early-bird invitations to our events, exclusive musings tailored to your interests, and access to our curated mentorship program. share. We’re calling foul on this one because turkey wasn’t brought to his country during his time period. High School Musical Second Coach. She comes onto Troy super strong throughout the summer and even gets him to play golf with her dad and gets him to eat dinner with her and her parents. I also remember talking about it the next day at school with my two best friends, who also loved Lenny, and saying how Lenny's the only guy that can pull angel wings and ironed hair and still be masculine and cool and sexy as fuck, and laughing about it.Ok so I saw that Lenny was releasing a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert and a memory from my teens came up. However, no such brand exists in this universe.The latter movie title is so popular that when searched on Google, it comes up as the suggested term instead of the actual title.Online Mandela Effect debunkers say his right leg was always silver.

Singing the opening song along with the lovable grandpa figure was one of the best parts.However, maybe the squiggly line on top is supposed to indicate it’s a long “e.”Think back to your high school history class for this one. Remember.The actual version sounds more grammatically correct, but that doesn’t explain why so many people remember it incorrectly.Mandela Effect debunkers think he’s being confused with Shaq, who played a genie in the movie “Kazaam” in 1996. But that’s not what happened.This includes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.However, the actual line almost feels like the movie should have a biblical context.Like the Luke line in Star Wars, many “Forrest Gump” fans love quoting the line he says at the bus stop. The. Tell that to the dozens of people who dress up like the lovable monkey for Halloween, tail and all.It’s always been Chuck E. Cheese’s. Ultimate Cinderella Quiz! … By Savannah Lyman High School Musical is ready to come to life.

NEW MANDELA EFFECTS Subscribe Here! He actually died in Aug. 2016.When John F. Kennedy was shot, his motorcade had six people in the car, not four. I was watching High School Musical and I noticed when Coach Bolton asked where Troy and Chad was at, there was a SECOND coach! Thank you for subscribing to ENTITY. I was watching High School Musical and I noticed when Coach Bolton asked where Troy and Chad was at, there was a SECOND coach! 73. But then Troy mentions that they get Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty ImagesIndeed. But do you remember it correctly? "You've got eyes, use them." All. That’s it. Sure, Sharpay is super manipulative and traps him into this stuff and Gabriella is just too sweet to say anything. However, to many “Star Wars” fans’ confusion, his right leg is actually silver.A Woman You Should Know NOW, Pauli MurrayDon’t worry, we’re singing it wrong in our heads right now, too.He told Lucy to “splain” and even to “start ‘splaining” multiple times on the show but he never said the full phrase in all of its 181 episodes.If you’re not even halfway through the list and suffering a Mandela Effect meltdown, add this one to your list.