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I must say, though, I am a bit concerned with Kim, the kind of actor who immerses himself deeply into a character. Known as "Eastern Light," this humongous gemstone becomes the target of a Robin Hood-like jewel thief Haedanghwa (a night-time guise for the cabaret singer Chunja, played by Lee Bo-young, heroine of the TV drama

Ah-mi dreams of success and independence, but these seem far-off. The annoying melodrama unfolds with Jo Dae-young (Kim Myeong-min) as its protagonist. Jo then saves Baek from being assaulted by her competitors in the course of pursuing an unrelated case. Although fairly high budget by Korean standards, some local viewers have criticised the art design and costumes as looking somewhat cheap and inauthentic. It's really not Ha Jung-woo's fault at all, as he delivers a terrific performance as a genuine sociopath. These are very talented comic actors, however they are just not as effective with animated faces. Great acting, assured directing... even with its rather simple (if you were unkind, you would say "thin") plot this two-hour long film is riveting. Then one day, she goes out on a blind date and a new guy, Seung-won, enters her life.

Although different in age, attitude about life, and dating preferences, the three women each learn to find their own unique way to happiness. SHIN Dong-myoung - Technical Director The film is a comedy that tells the story of... After all, her behavior and words have often been a little odd when compared to her classmates. Perhaps I am overly harsh with Kim, who might have never intended his film to be anything more than an affectionate send-up to the mythic grandeur and marvelous vistas writ in a Leone film. Since the character here is boring, colorless and apparently brain-dead, he comes off pretty badly, much worse than Son. Screenings in Korea are met with uproarious laughter, though unfortunately some of the humor here is hard to translate. At the beginning of the movie, we see Yul-rin visiting a doctor to get sleeping pills to help her with her insomnia. Kim Hae-suk as Kang somehow manages to give a good dramatic performance, despite the sticky way her character is presented. I thought I would be able t... Starring KANG Ha-neul and GIM Mu-yeol, Forgotten is the story of two brothers who experience strange events whe... Kim Jee-woon returns with his ambitious spaghetti Western The doctor tells her that this is the last time he will write a prescription for her-that she must learn to sleep again without the pills. Around him he has gathered a group of warriors, headed by the fanatically loyal and talented Hong Lim. But this film is too honest to suggest that that is what is at stake here. Technical credentials are adequate to good, with Hwang Dong-gook's cinematography and Lee Man-gyu's lighting adroitly illustrating the dreary, rain-drenched atmosphere, although the persistent yellow-greenish color scheme begins to evoke something filthy and sordid like fungal growth rather than tastefully suggest an atmosphere of stormy dread, adding to overall sogginess of the whole enterprise. He does not seem to use his brain at all in trying to catch criminals. Although its box office performance was a disappointment, this film has acquired a sort of cult status among Korean cinephiles. ※ 목록 The conversation between Su-ta and Gang-pae (their names are a playful pun on the words "star" and "gangster") is anything but cordial: Su-ta's machismo and Gang-pae's cool mix like oil and water. Her niece is trying to figure out how to get her first kiss from her boyfriend. Not believing him, but not willing to let him out of her site until she gets paid, she accompanies him for the day as he visits various old friends and acquaintances (all women) and tries to sweet talk his way into a loan. This tension - fueled by angry resentment on Hee-soo's part and guilt on Byung-woon's - functions more or less as the film's story, in that it slowly transforms over the course of the day. Kang-ae’s best friend, Mi-ran, a self-proclaimed dating expert, coaches Kang-ae about love. In that sense,

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