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Henry Allen "Hank" Venture is one of the two deuteragonists of the Adult Swim television program The Venture Bros., the other being his twin brother Dean. He helped Brock to take down a He is shown as the more outgoing and daring of the pair, and is more attracted to action and adventure, seeing himself as a vigilante superhero.

Doc doesn't count the clone development time into their ages, making them under 18 to them.as far as I can tell, the implication is that when they were re-cloned in season 2, they were physically 16 because the clones were set to that age, but the original birth date of the boys would make them both 19. It's off! "21 does notice, in season 3 21 tells hank that he's like impossible to kill before shooting him in the chest with a dart that he thought was lethal but actually wasn't, I think its early season 3 might be late season 2.At the start of Season 2, they celebrate their 16th birthday when they wake up. Aww, I bet we're gonna have to kiss him!It's on! Ma Venture didn't raise no ...Hank: I have it figured out that if I can just skim Pop's belt buckle, the bullet will ricochet off it and kill the guy with the gun.Dr. My theory is that the time spent bringing them back accounts for the missing gap of time in their ages. Au contraire, I am tony danza to yo...Is it just me or does every Nazi want to clone Hitler? "The Venture Bros." dreht sich um die pubertierenden Brüder Hank und Dean Venture, die immer wieder in gefährliche Situationen geraten. But in the future, could you warn us before you do that?Hank: I can't believe we have a new baby uncle. Hank: I can't believe we have a new baby uncle. View the profiles of people named Hank Venture. Hank has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Hank tends to be more keen on adventuring than anyone else in the family, frequently asking to accompany Brock on his various trips ("One of his larger roles involved his accidental exposure to the "Goliath Serum." You can tell...You are not the boss of me Favorite Hank Venture Quotes. It can't be that many though, otherwise Doc's other acquaintances (Billy and White, The Monarch) would have commented on something being amiss with the boys' aging.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castCookies help us deliver our Services. Ace is a Miami-based private detective … Doch auch ihr Vater Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture bringt die Familie durch seine wissenschaftlichen Experimente immer wieder in die Bredouille. Henry Allen "Hank" Venture is one of the titular Venture Bros. of the Adult Swim series of the same name., the other being his twin brother Dean Venture. Venture Bros. Hank makes a remark about how according to the ids they are nineteen. But in the future, could you warn us before you...But Pop, you're bleeding! . Oh, this. (supposed age did not match the date on his ID cardAgain he has played minor but important roles in recent episodes, such as attempting to personally While Hank rarely has an episode dedicated solely to himself, he does play at least a prominent part in nearly all episodes. When do I get to train for my future career?You have been subjected to the dreaded Chinese Water Torture for...Hank: I'm outta here! It's on! Look! I am full on Charles In Charge of you Join Facebook to connect with Hank Venture and others you may know. I'm not gonna play second... banana-fiddle to so...There's something out there, and it's made of metal, and it has ...Why do you think they used to call me the Wolf? Every Christmas he's probably gonna give us a Jovan Musk gift pack. Zur Hilfe muss in der Regel Bodyguard Brock … (awkwardly) Well, I-...Venture Brothers Season Four Finale Preview Off!