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Maybe back to Chile? Gus chooses the cooks - nobody else.Gus had a great story.. At first he just wanted to help expand the cartels business with his friend(boyfriend?) AMC owns all rights. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsI was under the impression that he wasn't so bad and his involvement with Walt was to show how he had become an egomaniac inventing threats to keep himself at the top. He literally only drove from work to his house for 2 weeks. Hector was a bad, bad man, but not to the point where it warranted Gus' systematic and consistent torture of Hector. Gus murdered his most trusted employee, partly to scare his most untrusted employee. the cartel).

Hank had a gut feeling Fring was the guy...and Gus knew it too. Was he part of a bigger network with Madrigal than anyone knows up to this point?I tend to find Gus to be an almost entirely indefensible character, and in the grand view it is he who is the real Heisenberg and not Walt (who consistently goes back and forth throughout the show at various points between the two extreme ends of his personality spectrum).

Gus hired Walt because he was catering to the whims of his weirdo chemist.Gus ended the surveillance on Walt exactly when he needed it most.Driving to work and back may possibly make the DEA suspicious, but it also means that the DEA has nothing concrete to act on. Every so often walt pops in pollos hermanos, gives gus a wink, and gus makes an "oh you" face.Was killing Victor really evil though? Forcing out Gale, looking the other way on the missing meth from the batches, seeking intervention between Jesse and the henchmen, and running over the two henchmen were all actions that very much benefited Jesse, and which very arguably would not have been taken by Walt unless he needed to protect and/or placate Jesse. I know that he later indicated that he could have taken care of it, but I highly tend to doubt that his two henchmen would have taken such a drastic and immediate response had it not been authorized by Gus on some level, either explicitly or implicitly. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.Press J to jump to the feed.

These are how the characters With the mastermind Fring is he obviously wouldn’t be that dumb to drive to 1 spot for 2 weeks.Gus used the child Tomas to sling meth and then had him murdered. I would say it's no contest that Gus broke bad before Walt, but I still wonder with Gus if his actions and empire were just to avenge his partners death and slight the Cartel, or if Gus's profits were being funneled for a cause.

Gus was cautious enough to accept Gale's 96% the first time, but not the second time. ).Walt saves jane from choking on vomit. Gus actually managed to briefly walk away before succumbing to his injuries - but just how realistic is …

Certainly he could try to get another brilliant chemist to do the job -- and undoubtedly he tried very hard to do that -- but that would have taken a lengthy period of time, even if it could be done at all, and in the meantime Walt had a great deal of leverage over Gus. He's the one that let his ego get in the way, was unreliable, and a total loose cannon.A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC.

A psychological study of Gustavo “Gus” Fring and why I believe was the most evil, dangerous villain in television history. Much, if not nearly all, of the actions Walt took which infuriated Gus were for the ultimate purpose of protecting / placating Jesse. Poor Hector is trapped in his own body and Gus takes complete advantage of that. I always thought they could've had it made in the shade with him, but they couldn't stay out of their own way.I agree with just about everything you said except the end.

Had Jesse, say, overdosed at the end of season two or somehow otherwise been eliminated at that point, I tend to think that Walt and Gale would have gone on cooking for Gus for a relatively long period of time with a relatively smooth and fruitful relationship.The thing with Victor is interesting.. She and jesse get sober and move to new zealand happily ever after. That seems especially low.

With the mastermind Fring is he obviously wouldn’t be that dumb to drive to 1 spot for 2 weeks.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castGus did not immediately kill Walt, the biggest half-measure of the show. someone who puts on a lovable and charitable face, but someone who in reality is willing to do anything to enlarge his standing and who is frankly someone who prospers through outright deception.Cookies help us deliver our Services. Driving one place every day for two weeks may not happen much but I have seen people literally drive to work and home for over a week.Hank's a brilliant detective? And Gus had no problem doing the same sort of thing with his pawns. It was far more dangerous not to do so, not finally solving the Walt-problem the many easy chances he had. I keep mulling over in my head how the real problem through the whole Fring operation was Walter.

Again, to me that's not compassion, but business necessity.I loved Gus. With Gus Fring knowing the tracker was on his car why did he not make it believable?

Gus eventually gets his revenge on the entire cartel, but he singles out Hector and systematically eliminates his family and rubs it in his face while he's dealing with a terribly debilitating handicap.